Gabe Anderson | Nov 13, 2009

Check Your Credit Score for Free with CreditKarma

We all like free, so enter Credit Karma, a site that gives you your credit score <strong>free of charge</strong> and it takes a whole two minutes or so to sign up, see your score, and get a letter grade in various categories, including the following...

Auto Net Financial News | Nov 11, 2009

Sometimes all you need is Good Karma

"Bad credit car loan shoppers looking for a good deal need look no further than the Credit Karma web site which provides registered users with a free credit score."

MSN Money | Nov 11, 2009

5 ways to kill your credit scores

Or you can sign up for free credit scores from sites such as Quizzle, and Credit Karma, which use the actual information on file about you with the credit bureaus.

Wisdom Journal | Nov 7, 2009

The Top 10 Consumer Credit Events Of 2009

According to Credit Karma's CEO, Ken Lin, 2009 has been a momentous year for credit issues and I have to agree with him. Suddenly, frugality became cool, overspending was out, and consumers put more emphasis on savings and paying down their outstanding debt.

Marketplace NPR Radio | Nov 6, 2009

What To Do With Your Credit Cards

Ken Lin, CEO of, talks about how to handle your credit cards, especially now that companies are hiking interest rates, cutting credit lines and imposing new fees.