Introducing Credit Karma’s New Mission-Inspired Brand

new missionImage: new mission

This week, Credit Karma announced that in addition to the free credit scores, reports and tools, we will also be helping people file their taxes for free. Credit Karma TaxTM is an exciting new resource. As part of the evolution of our brand, we’ve also announced a new logo, look and feel for the site. As CMO, I wanted to give you a little peek at the thought process behind the scenes.


Back when we were founded, Credit Karma was an unknown company in a very sensitive industry. We were looking for a way to show security and trust. We needed people to see that we were a real business. The purpose of our brand was to fit in with other financial companies. That’s why we designed a logo that used the same trustworthy blue and honest white that other financial institutions were using.

Almost a decade later, we’ve worked hard to grow into the visual identity established all those years ago. Over 60 million members trust us with their information and our name is practically synonymous with free credit scores. This is a big shift from where we started. We no longer need to blend in with the crowd – now it is time to stand out.

When building the new visual identity, we had to start with the basics of who we are and why we come to work every day – to make financial progress possible for everyone. We also took into account that we have strong, positive name recognition and that most people now access Credit Karma via their mobile device. The rest followed from that.

We believe our new look reflects our optimism and helpfulness. It shows human empathy and a sense of upward momentum and connection. I’m very excited about our new look and the ways that we’ll be helping our members in the years to come. I hope you are too.

Greg Lull

CMO, Credit Karma