Credit Karma’s Journey to Mobile: From Web 1.0 to Top Ranked App

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Our team was thrilled when Apple® named Credit Karma one of the “10 Best Apps of the Year” in 2016, out of two million other apps in the App Store®. Mobile is an important priority for us, and it’s easy to understand why.

For many of you, regularly staying on top of your credit is an essential part of your journey to financial health. For others, you might just want peace of mind while you’re on the go. Either way, if you are one of the millions of people who use our iOS® or AndroidTM apps today, we have you covered.

But this wasn’t always the case.

It wasn’t too long ago that most of our focus was still on our website, which had been our bread and butter since we launched way back in 2008. So what changed?

About two years ago, we started to notice a trend. More and more of our members began to access our website from their phone. At the same time, our nascent mobile apps were growing increasingly popular. That was a problem, because we weren’t paying enough attention to our mobile users. And we weren’t building a true “mobile-first” experience.

When we decided to change course, we didn’t just want to give you a stripped down version of what you could already find on your desktop. Instead, we came up with three guiding principles for our mobile apps:

Respect your timeIf you’re anything like me, your life is busy. You should be able to quickly figure out what is important – both the highlights and things you might need to pay attention to.

Swipe left and right on the home screen to find insights and updates.

Help you on the go

If you enable credit monitoring, we send push notifications when we notice important changes to your credit. That missed payment that just showed up on your TransUnion report sounds fishy? Don’t worry, you can dispute it with the credit bureau right from your phone. We let you know when we find ways to help you save money or discover new insights into your finances.

At home on your device

We’ve worked hard to build a new experience that feels native to your phone. A clean uncluttered look and streamlined design helps you find what you’re looking for.

The Accounts tab summarizes what’s in your wallet in a single place.

Our teams have been hard at work for the past eighteen months to bring you these and dozens of other changes. And while the recognition from Apple is great, it is really your stories that keep our team excited and motivated. We have been overwhelmed by your feedback – looking through the reviews in the app stores, it is obvious we’re doing something you find really valuable. Your support continues to inspire us to build new insights to help you make financial progress.

So thank you, for all that you do. And remember, we’re only just beginning – expect to see a lot more this year, as we work towards our goal of being your trusted financial assistant.

Scott Shumaker is vice president of client engineering for Credit Karma