Intuit Credit Karma welcomes all Minters! 

We are reimagining Mint as part of Intuit Credit Karma, expanding our collective capabilities to deliver upon our mission of championing financial progress for all. Mint is going away, and we have phased communications and user migration by design so the product team can ensure a smooth transition for Minters who decide to onboard to Credit Karma. Doing an intentional and phased rollout ensures Minters have an optimal experience when moving to Credit Karma. To learn how to download your Mint data, please visit Credit Karma’s U.S. Help Center. We’re excited to build on the Mint legacy at Credit Karma, and provide even greater value to Minters. 

Last year, the Intuit Mint team joined Intuit Credit Karma to help build one of our newest experiences that will help millions of members know, grow and protect their net worth. This marks the next evolution of Credit Karma, one that combines the money management product expertise and momentum of Mint with Credit Karma’s scale, technology and vast product ecosystem. 

Credit Karma is thrilled to invite all Minters to continue their financial journey on Credit Karma, where they will have access to Credit Karma’s suite of features, products, tools and services, including some of Mint’s most popular features. We know the most active Minters use Mint to monitor their cash flow and track their spending, and not only does Credit Karma offer these capabilities, but we’re able to take things even further for our members. 

Let us explain: at Credit Karma, we leverage our members’ data to provide them with a view of their finances so they know where they stand and can confidently take action to improve their financial situation. This view means members can track their net worth and monitor their spending habits, transactions and cash flow. Once they know where their money stands, Credit Karma will leverage this data to empower members to take action, whether that be suggesting they use a different credit card in their wallet to maximize their rewards opportunities according to their spending habits, or proactively flagging when they’re about to be in a cash crunch, with actionable recommendations to help them smooth out their cash flow and avoid a similar situation in the future. Those are just a few examples of how we make our members’ financial data do more for them. 

Minters who join Credit Karma can have peace of mind that Credit Karma has their back, helping them know where their money stands and proactively surfacing opportunities for them to save money. And, with the latest launch of Intuit Assist, a GenAI-powered financial assistant on Credit Karma, members have even more help navigating complex financial decisions. 

Credit Karma is on its way to becoming a full-service financial platform where we take stock of members’ financial profiles, connect the dots for members and identify saving opportunities to act on, at the right time.