Intuit Credit Karma members will soon have a trusted AI-powered financial assistant by their side

By Ryan Graciano, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Intuit Credit Karma

No matter where a member is on their financial journey, from new-to-credit to those who are financially secure, figuring out how to manage their finances is confusing and overwhelming. The problem is, personal finance is intensely personal and consumers often don’t know where to begin. Right now, there’s ample generic information out there, but members need highly personalized guidance, leveraging their own financial data, to guide them every step of the way. Intuit Assist will solve for that.

Intuit Assist is a GenAI-powered financial assistant that helps Credit Karma members across the credit spectrum make smart money decisions through AI-generated conversations and insights. Intuit Assist will help members navigate complex financial decisions and will guide them along their personal financial journey—all on the platform already known and trusted by our more than 120 million members in the US.

Credit Karma is already a rich data platform, and soon it will become even smarter about members as they engage with Intuit Assist and link their accounts and assets. As Intuit Assist learns more about members’ financial situations and needs, it can provide them with powerful and relevant insights, including a download of their finances and highly-personalized solutions to empower them to take action toward their goals. As Intuit Assist gets smarter about a member’s financial situation and needs, it will proactively share insights and suggestions so the member knows it has their back. After launch, Intuit Assist will help members answer their money questions, whether that’s helping them manage their credit, understand and navigate their spending, or optimize their rewards. A few examples include: 

  • Smoothing out cash flow: A large population of Americans need fast access to cash and help smoothing out their cash flow so they can take care of immediate needs, pay bills on time and manage debt. Intuit Assist will provide options for helping members avoid a cash crunch. This will be rolled out soon.
  • Optimizing your money: Even people with great incomes and solid credit scores don’t always have their finances figured out. Intuit Assist will also help members who are further along on their financial journey, optimizing their spending to help them get the most value from their credit cards and, when they’re not, helping them find a more valuable option.

Intuit Assist was developed using Intuit’s GenAI operating system (GenOS), which empowers Intuit technologists to design, build and deploy GenAI experiences. The depth and scale of our member data and our commitment to data stewardship enable Intuit Assist to deliver highly-personalized solutions that address our members’ money problems. We will continue to fiercely protect the privacy of our members’ data. 

Currently, Intuit Assist has been rolled out to a small group of Credit Karma members to enable them to take actions to build credit, smooth out their cash flow and optimize their wallet. In the coming months, Intuit Assist will ramp to help solve more of members’ money problems. 

Members will be able to access Intuit Assist directly within the Credit Karma app. Throughout our platform, members will notice a new icon, indicating an opportunity to engage with Intuit Assist. After clicking on the icon, Intuit Assist will be activated. They can choose a suggested prompt from Intuit Assist or input their desired question to start the conversation. Over time, Intuit Assist will communicate with members through notifications and app-based insights, recommending actions or resources that are relevant to them. 

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A strong commitment to responsible AI and data stewardship

As part of Intuit, Credit Karma believes AI should be designed and used responsibly to help people, and that’s why Intuit Assist was built to work hand-in-hand with our members so they can make financial progress. Intuit Assist has been built in keeping with the company’s commitment to data privacy, security, and responsible AI governance. For nearly a decade, Intuit has been innovating with AI, and its robust data and AI capabilities are foundational to the company’s success as an industry leader in the financial technology sector. Intuit safeguards customer data and protects privacy using industry-leading technology and practices, and adheres to responsible AI principles that guide how the company operates and scales its AI-driven expert platform, with its customers’ best interests in mind.

This information contains forward-looking statements, including our expectations regarding the functionality and availability of current or future features. Because these forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, there are important factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from these expectations, as described in our SEC filings. This represents no obligation to deliver future features and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. Additional terms, conditions and fees may apply.

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