Credit Karma Launches New Credit Card Recommendation Service Based on Actual Credit Scores

Credit Karma (, the free and easy way to access,improve and leverage your credit, today introduced a new dedicated credit card recommendation service that is based on an individual’s actual credit score.The new service provides customized recommendations by credit score range using a computation of current credit card informationand overall consumer card preferences.

“Most Americans conduct their daily lives through their credit cards, yet they do so with a card that could actually be costing them money because it doesn’t suit their individual needs,”said Kenneth Lin, founder and CEO of Credit Karma.”We leverage our unique tools and our team’s collective experience in the credit industry to help consumers learn about the different credit cards availableand then find the one that perfectly matches their particular lifestyle.”

There are hundreds of different credit cards available to consumers, and an incorrectly matched credit card can lead to thousands of dollars inadditional fees and higher rates over the life of that card. Credit Karma helps consumers avoid this trap by quicklyand easily finding the perfect card for their needs. Consumers can also use Credit Karma to identify which cards they are likelyto qualify for in advance so they do not harm their credit with multiple credit applications that are eventually denied.

Visitors to can first obtain their credit score for free in order to identify their particular score range: poor, fair, good or excellent.Credit Karma will then make recommendations for each credit class based on the common needs of individuals within that group.

For example, visitors with poor credit are most often hoping to qualify for a card that will help them build better credit. Individuals within this scorerange have a score of less than 500 and are unable to qualify for a true credit card. Credit Karma suggests these consumers use eithera pre-paid or a secured credit card to help build their credit, and provides specific recommendations for each.

“These customized recommendations will help consumers quickly make sense of the huge number of cards available to them so they can quicklyand confidently choose the one that will allow them to save the most money or earn the most valuable rewards,” added Mr. Lin.

All personalized credit card recommendations will include the best card available for an individual along with the pros and cons of that particular card.Visitors can also access articles and information about choosing the right card, search for additional cards based on their preferences,and leave both positive and negative feedback about their own credit card experiences.

For a complete list of Credit Karma recommendations for all credit grades,or to learn more about Credit Karma’s credit card recommendation service, please visit

As a staunchly pro-consumer company, Credit Karma never shares a consumer’s personal information with advertisers or third parties.

About Credit Karma

Based in San Francisco, Credit Karma is a pro-consumer credit score company dedicated to helping consumers better understand the power of their creditby giving them completely free access to their credit score as often as they wish, providing a host of tools and services to help them track and monetize that score,and helping them become better overall credit consumers. At, consumers not only learn their score,but they can identify what behaviors will positively impact their score and then gain preferred product pricing based on their credit score range.