South Florida Business Journal | Mar 10, 2011

Florida credit scores fall

The credit scores of Florida consumers fell in February, according to | Mar 8, 2011

Credit Q&A: Will a Disputed Bill Hurt My Score?

According to Ken Lin, CEO of Credit, if you are disputing a specific merchant charge, most credit card companies will exclude that item from payment until the issue is resolved.

San Francisco Chronicle | Mar 8, 2011

Extreme Credit Repair: Why It Doesn’t Work

Ken Lin, CEO of Credit Karma, says, "Credit repair scams operate on loaded taglines designed to lure desperate, poor credit consumers."

AOL Daily Finance | Mar 6, 2011

Credit CARD Act: One Year Later, How’s It Going?

"New fees have emerged as a way to make up revenue, including foreign transaction fees, inactivity fees and minimum finance charges," says Ken Lin, CEO of Credit Karma, which offers free credit scores.

ABC News Radio | Feb 24, 2011

Repairing Your Credit Score? Give Customer Service a Try

If old late payments are putting a dent in your score, you may be able to persuade creditors to remove them from your credit history, according to Ken Lin of the personal finance site