| Sep 8, 2009

Credit Scores: What You Need to Know Now

Preserving your credit history is one reason that Kenneth Lin, CEO of, recommends that you don't formally close an account but let the issuer close it for lack of activity. The longer the account stays open, he says, the more you'll add to your credit history and the longer you'll benefit from the additional available credit. | Sep 4, 2009

Tips to fight your travel credit card dispute

Also, bear in mind that you may have other remedies, says Ken Lin, the chief executive of Credit Karma, a financial information company based in San Francisco. "There are often consumer protection laws at the state level regarding warrantees and refunds," he says.

CNN Money | Aug 27, 2009

Win at the Credit Scoring Game

<strong>Learn Your Score.</strong> You have three FICO scores, based on your credit reports at the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. The numbers tend to be in the same ballpark, so pony up $16 to get one representative score at You can get an estimate free at

Rossander's Security Reader | Aug 24, 2009 is an interesting new site

Better, they have a "Report Card" to show you how your score and its different components stack up to the rest of the population. (I did okay on most components but was surprised to learn that my score was hurt by not having enough accounts with different lenders. Consolidation makes keeping track of the family finances easier but apparently there are costs to that decision.) | Aug 24, 2009

How to Shop for the Best Home Loan ? Finding the Best Mortgage

You won't get your credit score with your free credit report, so this is something you're going to have to do separately. Two of the best options for obtaining your credit score are myFICO and Credit Karma. Credit Karma is free and provides some neat features to help you monitor your score and make improvements.

The Arizona Republic | Aug 23, 2009

Credit bill could hurt consumers

At any rate, tighter credit is now the case for marginal borrowers. In the recent past, someone with a credit score of perhaps 680 or above on FICO's 300-850 scale could get a top card with a low rate, said Ken Lin, CEO of in San Francisco. But today, the best cards are being restricted to people with credit scores of 740 to 750 and up, he said.

NBC Chicago | Aug 18, 2009

Illinois, You Can’t Afford Squat

"With Illinoisan's credit card debt averaging $6,775 and an average mortgage loan of $189,443, it looks like the only good news for our state is that our average credit score is still above the national average of 673, according to Credit Karma."

Chicago Tribune | Aug 15, 2009

Just about any financial task is made manageable with online help

"Credit score: Your credit score will affect the interest you pay on everything, so you want to keep it in the 700s or higher. To get a free credit report, which influences your score, visit To see your score, pay less than $50 at To improve your score:"

Bargain Babe | Aug 13, 2009

Free credit score and credit analysis

"The Internet has made many things free and thanks to Credit Karma that now includes credit score. I spoke to Credit Karma founder Ken Lin about how he makes money, the $6,818 credit card debt each average American carries, and failing grades"