Pre-Qualification Platform Terms for Credit Cards

Credit Karma’s Credit Card Pre-Qualification Platform (the “CC Pre-Qualification Platform”) is a tool that helps you find pre-qualified offers for financial products with greater ease and certainty. By signing up for and using the CC Pre-Qualification Platform, you agree to the following terms:

1. Permission to Share Information. I authorize Credit Karma to periodically share personal profile information it has collected about me with current or future participating credit card issuers (“participating issuers”) so that they can identify and return certain “prequalified” credit card offers (each such submission, a “pre-qualified offer request”).

2. Permission for Participating Issuers to Make Soft Inquiries; No Impact to Credit Score. I authorize each participating issuer to obtain and use consumer report information about me from one or more consumer reporting agencies (such as TransUnion, Equifax or Experian). These soft inquiries will not impact my credit score and my consumer report information will be used solely in connection with identifying and providing me with pre-qualified offers.

3. Offers Not Guaranteed; Application Still Required. I understand that requesting pre-qualified offers through Credit Karma’s CC Pre-Qualification Platform is not an application for credit and does not guarantee approval. I also understand that I will still need to submit an application with participating issuers. While checking for pre-qualified offers does not result in a hard inquiry or affect my credit score, I understand that if I choose to apply for a pre-qualified offer with a participating issuer, that issuer may run a hard inquiry, which can impact my credit score.

4. Available Products Subject to Change. I understand that many, but not all, credit card issuers participate in the CC Pre-Qualification Platform and that the platform may not include every product offered by participating issuers. I further understand that Credit Karma will determine, in its sole discretion, when, how often, and with which participating issuers it checks for pre-qualified offers based on criteria from each participating issuer, availability of information needed to identify prequalified offers and other relevant factors.

5. Notifications About New or Recommended Offers (optional). I understand and agree that Credit Karma may send me email or push notifications to tell me about recommended pre-qualified offers I receive from pre-qualified offer requests submitted on my behalf. I understand that I can adjust my Communications & Monitoring Settings to turn off these offer notifications.

6. Canceling Enrollment. I understand that I can cancel my enrollment in the CC Pre-Qualification Platform by visiting my Communications & Monitoring Settings.