Over One Million Americans Sign Up for Credit Karma Tax in First 15 Days

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By Bethy Hardeman 

January 12, 2017

Paying a company to file your taxes is like paying someone to take your money. It doesn’t seem right. Some companies promote free tax filing only to charge you for upgrades or extras. We built Credit Karma Tax because we believe filing taxes should be free, for everyone, for real.

Looks like we weren’t the only ones fed up with coughing up $40, $70, $100 or more. In just over two weeks, more than one million people have signed up for Credit Karma Tax, our always-free federal and state tax preparation and filing service. Even during the holidays when taxes aren’t top of mind, Americans jumped in line to guarantee their access.

We’re less than a few weeks from the official launch of Credit Karma Tax, and I’m excited about how easy it is to use. Clicking through the questions feels like a friend is sitting next to you, filling out the forms with you and helping put you on the right track.

I’m thrilled that for the first time, filing will be free, regardless of income. Many people have told us this sounds too good to be true and wonder how we will make money from this. Even though we won’t be making money by charging for Credit Karma Tax, if you agree to let us share your information with Credit Karma, we will have a fuller picture of your financial situation that will ultimately allow us to better assist you with your finances. Credit Karma can monitor your finances, help you make good financial decisions and recommend better credit cards, loans and insurance products. If you apply and get approved for a product through us, we usually get paid. But you’re never obligated to take our recommendations.

See for yourself how Credit Karma is changing filing forever. Join the more than one million people who have signed up to be the first to file their taxes using Credit Karma Tax. Never pay to file your taxes again.

Bethy Hardeman

Chief Consumer Advocate