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About Credit Karma

Credit Karma is re-engineering one of the largest industries in the world — consumer finance. We believe it is a fundamental right that all consumers should have free and comprehensive access to their credit and financial data, giving them the resources and information they need to easily take control of their financial health. Our service begins with free credit scores and full credit reports — the bloodlines of personal finance — and brings new levels of transparency and certainty to consumer credit and finance: daily monitoring, data-driven consumer resources and personalized financial recommendations.

Credit Karma’s mission is to use the power of technology to simplify financial decision-making. Available online and on iOS and Android, we help more than 40 million consumers better understand and optimize their credit and personal finances.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Credit Karma has raised $368.5 million in financing to date, including a $175 million Series D round in June 2015.

Credit Karma is funded by Google Capital, Tiger Global, Ribbit Capital, Susquehanna Growth Equity, Felicis Ventures, QED Investors, 500 Startups, Founders Fund, SV Angel, Valinor Management and Viking Global Investors LP.

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Features & Resources

Credit Scores

Credit Karma’s product is an industry first, the only company to offer its users free credit data and reports from two major bureaus – Equifax and TransUnion – dramatically simplifying what was historically a costly and complicated process. Both bureaus’ credit scores are powered by VantageScore 3.0, a joint effort from the major credit bureaus to bring more consistency in their credit reporting; nearly one billion VantageScore credit scores were used last year by over 2,000 lenders, including six of the 10 largest banks.

Full Credit Reports

Credit Karma pulls in a large amount of information from traditional credit reports – account overviews, payment history, credit inquiries and public records – and builds a level of personalization on top of this to guide users and highlight items that require their attention. The credit report identifies recent actions that may be negatively impacting a user’s credit health, like a recent hard inquiry, an account with missed payments or credit cards that consistently use a large amount of their available credit limit. As Credit Karma users explore the site, they receive suggestions for next steps, are able to simulate the impact of a potential action on their credit score or track when a public record will come off their report.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Karma provides free credit monitoring to track its users’ TransUnion credit reports on a rolling, daily basis and notifies them of any significant changes, such as if a new account is opened in their name or if a creditor registers a delinquency.

Thin File Experience

Credit Karma users with a credit file too “thin” to generate a credit score are able to review what information is in their credit reports, learn about why they don’t currently have a credit score and how to build a credit history. These users can also access a range of educational content about credit scoring and have full use of Credit Karma’s financial management tools.

Credit Factors

Credit Karma breaks a user’s credit health down into different categories — such as credit card utilization (how much of an available credit limit is used), payment history, length of credit history, number of accounts, credit inquiries and derogatory marks – and assesses each category with an easy-to-understand rating to help users make the most of their credit.

Credit Score Simulator

The free Credit Score Simulator lets members see how various actions could potentially affect their credit score over time, such as opening a new credit card, adding a loan, paying off all credit card balances or having an account go into collection.

My Recommendations

Credit Karma analyzes its users’ individual financial situations to provide them with tailored, personalized recommendations on how to save across all their financial products. Our database of financial information and rates is updated daily by dozens of national and local financial institutions. In some cases, Credit Karma can show members if they’re pre-approved for a particular product, giving them the confidence to apply without the risk of hurting their credit score.

Financial Account Monitoring

Users can connect Credit Karma directly to their checking and savings accounts, providing them with a 360-degree view of their financial health.

My Spending

Users can monitor all of their spending with Credit Karma, tracking purchases over time and by specific category, with the ability to review all transactions from linked credit cards, loans and bank accounts.

Financial Product Reviews

Credit Karma assesses member feedback alongside available information on interest rates and benefits to spotlight financial products that have been declared “the best.” Where relevant, Credit Karma can draw from historical data to provide information on credit score requirements and credit limits. From any web browser, users can access reviews for a wide range of financial products, including automotive insurance and loans, credit cards, credit unions, home equity and personal loans.

Insurance Quotes

Credit Karma users receive recommendations and free quotes from national and local lenders on potential auto insurance options.

Additional Tools and Advice

Credit Karma provides its users with access to the resources to help them better educate themselves about complex credit and financial concepts. There is also a forum where users can share their financial questions and concerns with the rest of the Credit Karma community. Users also have access to a range of calculator tools to analyze debt repayment, amortization, home affordability and simple loan scenarios.

Credit Statistics in the U.S.

  • 25% of consumers have errors on their credit reports that might affect their credit scores[1]
  • Almost half of all Americans have never received their credit report[2]
  • 47% of employers use credit checks when making a hiring decision.[3]

Executive Biographies

Ken Lin

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ken started Credit Karma in 2007 to offer free credit scores and bring transparency and simplicity to the credit industry – an industry that was built around and has long prioritized banks and not consumers. Ken Lin has guided the company from a small team of three to several hundred employees who are disrupting consumer finance, serving nearly 40 million people.

Ken spent his early career working with mission-driven businesses like Upromise and Eloan, and he was inspired to build Credit Karma – a platform where consumers can manage their full financial lives with more certainty, supported by a unique business model that creates genuine, organic value by reducing marketing inefficiency for banks and empowering consumers with information. Like LinkedIn has done for professional identity and Facebook for social lives, Ken’s vision is that one day Credit Karma can create a simple way for Americans to manage their financial identities.

Ken also founded Multilytics Marketing in 2006 and has a B.A. in mathematics and economics from Boston University.

Ryan Graciano

Chief Technology Officer

As a co-founder of Credit Karma and Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Graciano has grown the company’s engineering department from a one-man band into a team of hundreds, developing a technical framework to support the company’s rapid growth. His expertise and innovation has helped bring new levels of usability and sophistication to financial services technologies.

Today, Ryan runs an ever-expanding group of engineers tasked with building out new products at pace while stressing a culture of agility and experimentation, even as Credit Karma reaches new levels of scale. As a leader, he serves as a constructive agitator, looking to break down traditional workplace hierarchies and empowering each member of his department with real influence over the future of the product.

Ryan has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and spent five years at IBM before joining Credit Karma.

Joseph Kauffman

Chief Financial Officer

As Credit Karma’s Chief Financial Officer, Joseph manages the company’s financial planning, forecasting, record keeping and risk as it continues to expand aggressively, following several years in which the company doubled both its member base and employee headcount.

Joseph began at Credit Karma in January 2015, after spending four years as the Chief Financial Officer for TAL Education Group, one of the largest K-12 after-school tutoring services providers in China. Throughout his career, he’s helped high-growth companies institute the right organizational stability to build upon an expansive entrepreneurial vision. Joseph has also worked for the New Oriental Education & Technology Group and the Coca-Cola Company, and holds an MBA in Strategy, Finance and Accounting from Harvard University.

Nichole Mustard

Chief Revenue Officer

As a co-founder of Credit Karma and Chief Revenue Officer, Nichole Mustard has been the architect of the company’s win-win-win business model. Credit Karma provides its members with personalized recommendations for credit cards and loans, while reducing marketing inefficiency for banks. Subsequently, Credit Karma can scale at pace while furthering its founding mission to help people take control of their financial lives.

Nichole oversees Credit Karma’s business development team, finding the right mix of financial partners and optimizing data science and business intelligence capabilities to make sure that partners and members alike get the most value from the product. She oversees a team that stresses humility and relationship building in business, making sure Credit Karma’s innovation isn’t the only thing setting the company apart.

Prior to joining Credit Karma, Nichole spent five years as Financial Service Sales Director at Compete, growing the company’s national profile.

Nikhyl Singhal

Chief Product Officer

In his role as Chief Product Officer at Credit Karma, Nikhyl oversees product development and innovation, ensuring that Credit Karma’s more than 35 million members have the most intuitive and satisfying user experience possible. Joining the company in April 2015 after a career spent building consumers products at massive scale, Nikyhl is helping Credit Karma become the definitive product for American consumers to manage their financial identities and credit health.

Nikyhl came to Credit Karma after four years at Google, where he held several senior product roles, including leading Hangouts, Google Talk, Google Voice and Google Photos. Prior to joining Google, Nikhyl was the CEO and co-founder for SayNow, which Google acquired in 2011, as well as the co-founder and CEO for Cast Iron Systems, which IBM acquired in 2010. He also served as the co-founder and Director of Engineering for Webswap.

Nikyhl holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Greg Lull

Head of Consumer Insights

Greg Lull is the Head of Consumer Insights at Credit Karma. Credit Karma has doubled its member base for four consecutive years to nearly 40 million, and several of the operations Greg built from the ground up to drive brand awareness and member engagement have directly made this possible. Greg was previously VP of Marketing Operations at Multilytics Marketing.

After a brief time as an engineer, Greg has spent the majority of his career leveraging data to develop the systems and foundations that allow companies to engage with audiences and drive products forward. He oversees Credit Karma’s marketing department, making sure that the marketing, communications, consumer analytics and brand teams are creating meaningful experiences that reflect the company’s value to current and future Credit Karma members.

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Edison Awards, gold medal in Financial Services/Banking
2014 Innovator Award
2013 Innovator Award
Fast 100: Fastest growing Bay Area Companies
Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America
San Francisco Business Journal 40 under 40
Finovate Best in Show
  • † Based on a sample size of 19 million Credit Karma members who pulled their credit data in 2014