New Credit Karma Tax® Study Reveals Americans Could Owe $430 Billion Less in Federal Taxes This Year

Study shows 94 percent of members who input their information into Credit Karma’s Tax Reform Impact Tool may see overall tax obligation decline for 2018 and those with high credit scores could reap the greatest savings

Credit Karma Tax, offering a premium tax product that never charges members to file, today announced the results of a new study showing Americans could owe $430 billion less in federal taxes this season as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The analysis used self-reported annual household income and status (single or married) entered into Credit Karma’s Tax Reform Impact Tool to determine that 94 percent of members who inputted their information may see their 2018 federal tax obligation go down. Further, the data shows Credit Karma members who inputted their data with high credit scores or high incomes could save the most.

Credit Karma analyzed the data from more than one million of its members to determine that an average user could see a decrease in federal tax liability of $1,821, compared to what it would have been absent tax reform. Credit Karma members with high incomes ($510,301 or higher) could see an average savings of $7,685. Those with incomes between $9,701 and $25,000 could save roughly $974 on average. Separately, the data also indicates that members with high credit scores (760 or higher on a scale of 300 to 850) could see average savings of $2,816, that’s more than double the amount those with lower credit scores might receive. Less than one percent of members could expect to see an increase in their federal tax liability this season. That group could owe $2,000 more on average.

“With tax reform in full effect this tax season, the question on most people’s minds is: will I owe money this year?” said Jagjit Chawla, GM of Credit Karma Tax. “And, while we don’t know exactly how things will shake out, we hope this study will shed some light on how tax reform could impact Americans’ overall.”

The full report, including insights, analysis, raw data and methodology, can be found here.

Taxpayers interested in learning about how tax reform could impact their federal tax liability can use the Tax Reform Impact Tool, available to all Credit Karma members in the U.S. By entering a few bits of information, members can quickly see how different aspects of tax reform could impact their federal tax liability and other ways tax reform could affect their 2018 federal taxes. For more information visit

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