Credit Karma Named Best of the Web by Online Banking Report

Credit Karma (, the free and easy way to access,improve and leverage your credit score, today announced that is was chosen as Best of the Web 2008 by Online Banking Report.Best of the Web awards are given for new products or features that “raise the bar” for online banking. Previous 2008 winners include MoneyAisle and SmartyPig.

“We’re pleased to be recognized for our commitment to helping consumers become more credit aware and savvy about managing their credit health,”said Kenneth Lin, founder and CEO of Credit Karma. “Taken in total, the recipients of Online Banking Report’s Best of the Web provide individuals with a more completeview of their financial actions and the ability to become better consumers overall.”

Credit Karma provides consumers with completely free access their credit score as often as they need it.The company’s suite of online tools and simulators help consumers understand how specific behaviors such as openingor closing a line of credit can improve a credit score over time. Credit Karma also helps consumers leverage their scores through Karma Offers,where advertisers provide preferred pricing to individuals based on the strength of their score.

Credit Karma is a staunchly pro-consumer company, never sharing a consumer’s personal information with advertisers or third parties.

About Credit Karma

Based in San Francisco, Credit Karma is a pro-consumer credit score company dedicated to helping consumers better understand the power of their creditby giving them completely free access to their credit score as often as they wish, providing a host of tools and services to help them track and monetize that score,and helping them become better overall credit consumers. At, consumers not only learn their score,but they can identify what behaviors will positively impact their score and then gain preferred product pricing based on their credit score range.