Introducing Credit Karma’s New Thin File Experience


April 21, 2015

Until today, if you were one of the 15 million Americans with a thin credit file and no credit score, signing up for Credit Kama hasn’t been a very rewarding process. You would have been able to register for an account with us, but we would not have been able to offer you any information unique to your financial situation.

In light of this, we’re proud to announce the rollout of a thin file experience for these members at Credit Karma. Thin file consumers are often new to credit because they are young or new to the country and we’re glad that we can now help them take positive action in building their credit.

Most thin file consumers that sign up now for Credit Karma will be able to review the information in their credit profile, learn about why they don’t have a credit score and how to build their credit history, as well as read through a range of educational information about credit scoring. They will see recommendations for credit cards and loans that might help them build up their credit history and have broad access to the Credit Karma website, able to make full use of tools like our credit advice center, interest rate calculators and personal spending tracker.

Since launching in 2008, Credit Karma has made it our mission to bring transparency to the credit reporting industry and help consumers take control of their credit health. Still, 15 million Americans don’t have a credit score and have been left with few options for getting help in understanding and in improving their situation. In an industry first, these consumers will be able to access their weekly, updated credit profile for free at Credit Karma.

We see this new offering as a true extension of our mission to empower consumers to take control of their financial lives.

Kenneth Lin

Credit Karma CEO and Founder