Apathy is Dangerous

BLM_Ken_BlogImage: BLM_Ken_Blog

The below message was originally sent to Credit Karma employees on May 31, 2020.

Fellow Karmanauts,

Like many of you, I was horrified over the senseless killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the countless others before them. I understand the rage. From the disgusting abuse of human beings, the fear of reprisal for speaking up and at times the seemingly hopelessness of the system, I am disgusted and infuriated.  

This pattern of inequality happens too often. Whether you are Black, Brown, Yellow, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, non-binary, gay or straight. However you self-describe, you or your group is only one news event away from being the next target of bigotry unless we stand together. 

Now is the time to stand, together and as individuals, and demand: You will not create a system of inequality on my watch. 

Apathy is dangerous and the enemy of democracies. In many societies, one group tries to oppress another group while the remainder watch. This is exactly what we see in our political and social economic system. The elite repress the poor while the middle class watches. Law enforcement murder and profile minorities while everyone else watches. We need those in the middle to stop watching and to take action. 

We will not standby and watch our friends, colleagues, brothers and sisters, neighbors and fellow citizens be abused, killed and forgotten.

I’m going to and I encourage each of you to do one thing to make a difference. Small actions can make big changes. Vote in your city elections for leaders who will not tolerate racial profiling, write one letter to congress, make a donation to a group that fights for equality rights or participate in a peaceful protest.

With a heavy heart,