A new, improved Credit Score Simulator

Since its original launch in 2008, the Credit Score Simulator has been one of our most popular features with Credit Karma members. In light of that popularity, we’re excited to announce we’ve launched a new version of the Credit Score Simulator – better and more helpful than ever before.

This new simulator lets people see what might happen to their credit score in different scenarios, using real credit report data and the real-time connection of a major credit bureau. Using the simulator, a Credit Karma member can test the impact on their credit score of opening new loans, closing their oldest card, transferring balances or having a credit card application denied, as well as paying down their balances, increasing their limit, and the effects of various negative behaviors, like having an account go into collections.

For example, if a Credit Karma member is contemplating paying down their debts, they can input into the simulator the specifics of how much they are looking to pay off. After simulating the change, they’ll see their current and potential score and useful educational context given for the reasons behind a possible shift.

With a simple navigation menu and side-by-side display of current and potential scores, along with contextual insights to understand the changes, Version 2.0 of the simulator is easier to use than ever before. It’s based on the VantageScore 3.0 model now, bringing it in line with the two free scores we offer all members on Credit Karma. We’ve made several smaller tweaks in our methodology, using TransUnion to score each simulation with actual scoring algorithms, to provide greater accuracy.

Since we launched in 2008, Credit Karma has made its name by bringing greater transparency to consumer finance and helping people understand their own situation. We believe that this new and improved simulator meets and surpasses this goal, helping consumers not only educate themselves on their current situation but also plan for the future.


Anthony Lingen

Product Manager, Credit Karma