Terms of service and privacy policy changes

Here are some highlights on what we changed in our most recent Terms of Service and Privacy Policy updates (effective January 22, 2018):

  • We made them easier to read! We did a major overhaul to make it easier to understand our services and our relationship with you. We even made our lawyers summarize some of the legalese.
  • We added a mutual arbitration clause. Hopefully, disputes will never be an issue, but this lets a third-party arbitrator help us resolve them. It’s an important new part of our relationship with you, so please read it carefully.
  • We clarified how we collect and use data. We clarified how we don’t use your data (like selling or renting marketing lists) and how we do (like collaborating with third parties to make our services even better). Check out our Privacy Policy for the details.
  • We clarified how we communicate with each other. We like hearing what you think about Credit Karma, so we added some more information about how we handle feedback. We also explained a little more about how we may communicate with you.

You can also check out our previous Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.