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Jan 14, 2020
Great Start - Horrible Finish
SY2020 Borrower

To be clear, getting the loan was fast, easy and hassle free - the problems started after that. While the application and set-up are all online, the online system is lacking - ESPECIALLY if you are attempting to pay more than the minimum or pay off the loan in question. With that said, if you skip to the bottom of this review, I have other companies I have used in the past and evaluated for additional options.

The first frustration happened when I wanted to send an additional payment - most other companies permit you to post additional payments in between billing cycles, Upgrade does not. The website does appear to allow you, but in all actuality, it does not.

The final straw was when I paid off the account, it asks you to input a routing and account number, which I did and confirmed it (their customer service staff acknowledged the additional account), but then they drafted it from the previously used account number. For some, this would not be an issue, for me, it was and it resulted in me being overdrawn in an account, having to take a half of day off a work and get a cashiers check to the other bank and negotiate on overdraft fees. Why I feel this is not my responsibility - I specifically identified and confirmed the routing and account number the funds were to be drafted from.

Their customer service staff was polite, but relatively clueless and were offended by my anger and frustration. With that said, I am confused how a customer should respond when your initial pleas for assistance is met with, "there is nothing I can do" and when urgently trying to find a resolution they want to discuss why they made the mistake.

Basically, my feeling is that this company makes it more difficult to make additional payments to principal and when there are errors, they are great at apologizing, but not at resolving any of the problems.

To be clear, the staff are polite, but clueless on their system - as with two representatives I got "suggestions" that weren't even possible on the website I was using.

If you are looking for a personal loan and you want flexibility, I would look to other companies - like SoFi, Discover, Wells Fargo, etc - good news, if you have an account with CreditKarma - even easier to locate additional options based on your credit score!

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Sep 03, 2019
Dont use them, period!
abrarawx Borrower

If God forbid you have an illness, they won't work with you but will immediately ruin you credit to thank you. I had a stroke and became non-verbal. Instead of working with me, my credit score plummeted and every time I spoke to a representative, that kept trying to take money out of my account causing bounced check fees. I made a deal with my 20+ other creditors and now that I'm on my feet again and they are being paid like clockwork. If you need money, find another avenue than using Upgrade.

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Sep 03, 2019
Dont use them, period!
abrarawx Borrower

If you have complications with an illness and need a little time to recover, they will reward you with bad credit immediately and forget them working with you. I've got over 20 creditors that worked with my stroke symptoms, but not Upgrade. They found out I was in trouble and immediately expedited the even when I told their representive the issue and just needed time to adjust. All my other creditors are being paid like clockwork as promised.

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Apr 06, 2019
Beware of unusual “origination “ fee
jp8502 Borrower

Don’t borrow from this establishment! Unless you don’t mind giving them money for an unusual fee(origination fee)

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Apr 06, 2019
Charged an origination fee!
jp8502 Borrower

Please be aware of all fees! Particularly an origination fee!

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Feb 06, 2019
Keep track of your payments
Alex776 Borrower

Really bad experience. I paid my loan and still charged me an extra month but refuse to reimburse me. If you need money try Marcus 

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