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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 18.24% - 25.24%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $95
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 18.24% - 25.24%* Variable

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Apr 18, 2019
Go for it!
hengle95 Cardholder

Just got approved with a CL of $6,600 with scores between 680-685 across the board. 24 yr old with 60k income and remaining student loans. I say if your in a similar situation go for it you wont be dissapointed!

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Apr 12, 2019
Feel cool owning it.
Sambd Cardholder

Approved with a very modest CL of $5000. I have a very thin credit profile and 700 ish score. 70k income. Welcome bonus was great and the rewards seem really cool. The card itself is beautiful. Heavy and metal. Love the deep blue color. If I was given a limit as high as on my Amex card this would be my everyday spender. Highly recommend.

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Apr 10, 2019
Happy So Far!
Lauren578 Cardholder

Wasn’t sure about getting approved for this card while I am rebuilding my credit.  I have a lot of student loans but minimal other debt.  Scores just under 700 and was approved with a limit of $5,000.  I didn’t get an instant approval and I had to call twice to get the approval.  I say go for it! 

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Apr 17, 2019

What number did you call?

Apr 08, 2019
Nice initial SL. First time with Chase
FriscoCally Cardholder

CK said I had very good odds of approval. Did some simuation and with a new credit card and line of 10k or more it said my score would increase 66 points.  So after reading the reviews on this one I did it.  Didnt get immediate approval so I called the 1800 number to check 4 days after. Automated response said I was approved but I had to get a operator to tell me my SL. It was $14,800  Nice SL for someone who has no affiliation wih Chase besides this card. I also asjked the operator to expedite the card and they did.   MY CK scores were 688 673 and experian is 710 at time of application and I make 200k plus a yr. Hope this helps someone with a little insight to the approval process. This card gave me a 50-70 score bump across all bureaus. So my scores are I now between 733-760 

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Apr 06, 2019
Great rewards program
robojoyo Cardholder

I applied right here through CK and wasn’t instantly approved. It said they need to review. I was sent a letter about a week later saying I needed to call and verify that I applied. After they sent me a text with a code, she said she was going to now submit it, and then a few seconds later she said it looks like you’ve already been approved, congratulations, and your limit is $7000. My scores were F666,E764,T753. My credit only recently went up because I went to transunion and disputed a couple items and one was removed. I strongly suggest transunion online dispute. It gives you a chance to look at what creditors look at and you may be able to get something removed. My credit jumped up over 100 points after it was removed. Worth a try! Good luck!

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Apr 06, 2019

This is true dispute everything you can the people you owe have so many days to respond most of the time they don’t and things start disappearing from you credit report I had 7 collections now I have two wich or medical bills. Once a debt is sent to collections it is no longer your responsibility to pay because the lender basically sold your debt to a collector. Don’t believe me look it up. Best way to get credit up is disputing and secured credit cards from your bank if approved my credit score went from TU 560 EQ 528 Creditwise 514 to 740 738 and 750 within a year my credit was bad real bad I was unaware how credit worked when I was young and now that I know I want to pass it on contact me for advice no charge I just want to help you seriously just advice no gimmicks. Just a guy on the couch watching game of thrones have a good day and dispute those collections. All of them and when it asks why the dispute click on the one that says no longer liable for this account

Apr 03, 2019
Pleasantly surprised
rdongoodman Cardholder

CK scores: Transunion 752, Equifax 762 with Creditwise 760. Aprroved within days for 20,500 limit

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Apr 02, 2019
Approved TU686/EQ 690/EXP710(Prev. 690)
RusslinJimmies Cardholder

Just got approved for $9,000. My Scores weren't the best Transunion 686 Equifax 690 and I enrolled in experians free trial for one month to get my experian score (690). Anyhow, I noticed on my experian credit report it went up to 710 today, and my credit karma scores for my equifax and transunion were still 686 and 690. I did the free annual credit report and paid 10$ for my transunion one I think? for the score which was 740!!! My guess was that credit karma just hadn't updated it yet. Anyhow I called Chase customer service, and they offer free expediting on any of their Sapphire cards, so they will be expediting it to a 2-3 day lead. I'm just happy Credit Karma helped me manage my bad credit and turn it into something good. Hope this helps everyone! Good luck happy hunting!

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Apr 01, 2019
SUPER Great Card...!!!
KasichPitBuLL Cardholder

Nice SL, $18,7000... Ez $500. after I spent $4k... Heavy card... Feels Great..!! Nice deep color Blue...!! Account numbers are on the back side....!!! I have 3 Chase cards, This one, FU, and regular Freedom!!! Go for it and get it...!!!! :o)

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Apr 06, 2019

Btw CK scores were, 780--TU, 795--EQ, & EX FICO model 9--792... !!!

Mar 29, 2019
High limit card
Imkahlon Cardholder

Applied for this card online with 771/770/756 score, took 4 days for approval. It just showed up on chase app, no welcome or confirmation notification. But still I am happy because I got approved for $17000. 

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Mar 24, 2019
With just a 590 they approved me!!
Barnabee18 Cardholder

They approved me for $5000 with only a 590! Others would not give me that much!

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Apr 01, 2019

bull****. Their not approving a 590 credit score.

Apr 06, 2019

I agree that is total bull

Apr 07, 2019

It said i had fair approval odds, i have 100% payment history and a decent job only reason I have a 590 is I max out my other cards of $750 and $500. Not lying

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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

67 Reviews
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