Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank Reviews

Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank Reviews
2.9 out of 5 stars
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  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR Not Applicable
  • Annual Fee $0*
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 29.99%*

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Dec 10, 2019
The best to fix or start as its stated🙂

Omg i did the Fresh Start with Fingerhut the best option i made ever credit score went up a whole freaking ijs give them a try👍🙂👏

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Jan 09, 2020

Obviously written by a Fingerhut company representative!!!

Jan 18, 2020

Not really! Mines went up alot, so idk what u talking about

Oct 21, 2019
No problems
MrChrisG Cardholder

I have has a fingerhut Card for many years and never had a problem. Yes, thier prices are high, but don't forget, that you have bad or no credit and they are taking a chance on you. I buy from time to time and my credit limit never changed. no probem with that. Customer service is not bad for being out of country based. Returns arnot a problem.  I always payed my broken down into weekly payments.  If you do what you are supposed to do, you won't have problems with Fingehut.

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Oct 11, 2019
Okay for building credit.....
RobertMedford Cardholder

I got this account, was instantly approved for $400 credit line, the downfall, you can only purchase through their website as its a line of credit, not a credit card. The products are higher priced than what you would pay other places and the shipping rates are high, but after 3 payments, they doubled my limit. I've now had the account for only 3 months, made 2 large purchases. Will continue to use it and simply keep tha balance low, seems like they evaluate credit standings fairly often so could be a great way to offset debt to credit usage if you are wise with the spending on the account. 

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Oct 02, 2019
Great card
Crys999927 Cardholder

This was the first card that I was able to get when starting my rebuilding journey almost a year ago. Started out at a $300 limit, I have had 3 cli’s since and now have $700 cl in less than a year. 

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Jun 10, 2019
snowbunny30 Cardholder

It's ok if your trying to rebuild credit like myself. I've ordered 3 times from here and now my credit line is at $600. The only thing I don't understand is that when I paid off my account in full my Transunion actually went down 34 points the first time and 13 the last time I paid in full. Isn't it suppose to go up not down? That part confused me so idk if I will use this credit anymore. You would think paying it off way early would make it jump up quite a bit🤔🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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Jun 14, 2019

I've noticed with my other cards if I did payoff on full it would only increase a small amount...idk why it made yours decrease. But a trick I have noticed if I leave a small balance say my bill is 123 I only pay 120 and that makes my credit score jump at least 40 points. So try that

Jul 24, 2019

Yeah paying off does nothing for u. You have to show that you use and manage the credit. Like if u buy something and pay it off before your report date then they are reporting a zero balance so its like u never use it. Utilization should be 33% or less but never 0%

Aug 12, 2019

They want to see consistency. Do not make large purchases and pay them at the rate they ask but add like $5 and always pay the day before the bill is due. It shows responsibility and planning ahead.

Jun 09, 2019
Ok for bad/fair credit
acracker269 Cardholder

A little expensive, but with monthly payments and regular credit increases, Fingerhut is a good choice if you are looking to rebuild. They also have a ton of products! I personally love the clearance items because I can get regular store prices and have the ability to pay over time! Just make your payments on time!

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May 22, 2019
It's a yes and a no.
dsegraves Cardholder

This account has definitely helped me build my credit. However, expect nearly 50% mark-ups and extremely high shipping costs for the slowest possible shipping option. Orders can take more than a week for delivery and each item is charged shipping even if mailed in one package. Use sparingly.

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Mar 10, 2019
hektikbeatz Cardholder

Limited uses, but handy in a pinch! I only use it to buy some gifts here and there. They are constantly increasing my credit line which is awesome because it gives the "illusion" of a higher credit line and lower credit utilization. No complaints here!

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Mar 02, 2019
Good for credit building or repair.
ChrisC95 Cardholder

This is a good account for credit building or repair. Honestly, it's best for repair; moderate for building. Typically a score around 500 gets approved for the minimum, which is $200. Lower scores than that only get approved with considerably high income. This account will be reported as "Other Loan" by Credit Karma, and will usually be considered a personal or other loan on actual credit reports.

They report diligently to all three bureuas, which is ideal for credit repair. If your history is limited, you won't see huge jumps with this account. APR is enormous, and items on Fingerhut are marked up at least 25% from retail. Again, this is for credit repair, so it's not really about what you're buying. But you are paying at least 50% more for an item compared to what it's actually worth.

I had it for about 7 months and it was a big part of my score climbing back up from sub-500 to now over 600. Other good credit behavior is important, but this "loan" account can definitely help you.

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Mar 02, 2019

I’ve had it for 5 months and they’ve given me a $800 increase how are you paying them back? Month to month?

Mar 29, 2019

Fingerhut "Fresh Start" credit accounts are reported to the credit bureaus as a loan. When/if your account becomes a traditional credit account, it will be reported like any other credit card.

Feb 18, 2019
Sean040 Cardholder

Was approved for the Fresh start program in October. Not a lot of options at the time, so I’m grateful. No complaints other than when your account graduates from fresh start, my score did drop 25 points from the closed account. Just keep that in mind. 

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Feb 23, 2019

Sean040 the same thing happen to me I lost 21 points did it take you along to regain them points are do you just take that as a lost I wanna know I was almost at 700 cs that’s crazy

Mar 01, 2019

I checked Experian this morning. I gained back 12 points. Hopefully next month I’ll get the rest back. Every time I go to use the card, I see the shipping charges and change my mind.

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Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank Reviews

Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank