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Jun 02 2018
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This is our go to card for dining and groceries. ?Be sure not to keep a balance because Capital One is brutal with their APR. ?I immediately received my $150 bonus as soon as I reached $500. ? Applied and got $10,000 limit. ?TU 696 Equifax 701. ?Chapter 13 100% payback filed 2012-still on CR. ?Ch13 drops off January 2019.?

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Aug 05 2019
Wouldn???t give me the welcome bonus.
Credit Karma Member

Made sure I used the card enough to qualify for the welcome bonus, but they won?t give it to me. Won?t even give me an explanation. ?The woman I spoke to said? because I applied via credit karma, credit karma ?probably didn?t have the bonus accurate.? Sounds fishy being the same reward is being offered currently. ?

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Feb 14 2020
Lousy card from a crooked company
Credit Karma Member

? My main beef: They closed the card after an entire year, claiming they made an "error" in issuing it. I have average credit, the same income I had when I applied, and have no late payments.? Take-away: DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS CARD unless you have stellar scores, *very* low debt-to-income ratios, and no considerable student loans. Even then, don't trust this terrible company at all. The details: Although I had an abysmal experience with Capital One years ago, on the recommendation of Credit Karma (thanks for nothing), I applied for a Savor One card in order to do a balance transfer. Good news: I got the card; bad news: I received a much smaller credit line than other cards I have, could not do a balance transfer, and the APR was an obscene 26+%. Fast forward about one year: I get a vaguely threatening email from them on Jan. 24, demanding that I give them updated income info, or they *might* close the account. I have the same job and income I had when I applied, so I "updated" the info on their website. On Feb. 13, I get another email informing me that they gave me the card in error and, having reconsidered, they are immediately closing the account. I keep my credit utilization under 30%, currently have (according to Credit Karma) an Equifax score of approximately 738 and a 664 Transunion score (dropped recently, not sure why). FICO is 717. Further, I have not been late with my payments, nor are there any recent late payments listed on my credit report. I, of course, called. Telephone customer service was coldly apologetic, but insisted no one else but the "senior" rep who answered the phone could talk to me about my concers about how THEIR error would negatively impact my credit when they reported it as "closed by the Grantor." I hit a brick wall with them, and all they could tell me was to complain to the credit bureaus and/or credit counselor about it. Bad, bad, and more bad.

Feb 12 2020
Very hard approval process/ Low CL
Credit Karma Member

I have been a Capital One platinum card member for a few years and despite having 799 credit score, no late payments, no debt and six figure income, have never been approved a credit limit beyond $3,500.... in addition to that when applying for this card, I was declined. I will no longer do business with Capital One and do NOT recommend.

Feb 05 2020
Great card for college students
Credit Karma Member

This card is one of the best in category for college students and recent college graduates with enough income/credit score to qualify. I use this as my primary card except when I have another card that has a better cash back because of the great rate on dining and entertainment and groceries. That's a lot of my expenses. Customer service has been top notch with quick call-center lines and good people. I messed up my first autopay payment in the app, but after seeing my mistake the person cancelled the fee and interest charge.

Feb 04 2020
Just a bait for offers of lesser value.
Credit Karma Member

It's pretty comical how they get away with forcing you into another card..? 8pts below excellent credit. 100% payment history. 11% credit card use. 0 derogatory marks 7 figure income, figure rent spend... and everything else positive outside of credit age - 1yr, 7mos. Opted in for the intro offer - denied w/ immediate offer for the same card, but with nothing in the initial offering.? -a 0 intro -0 bonus -No intro purchase APR offer - over 26% interest rate from the get-go -Cant remember what the balance transfer rate was but it was prety insane too.. $1,000 credit limit. here I am now with a split screen saying you can't have whats on the left, but here's what you can have so we don't report that you weren't approved for the initial card we offered you. Yes, I'm being a baby, and yes, I get I don't need to use the card -- but just be up front about the ****

Jan 30 2020
Pre-Approval....and then Declined
Credit Karma Member

Received pre-approval offer in the mail and inside my account upon logging in. My scores are good (Ficos 743-776 across all reports). I have zero credit card debt (0% utilization with $87k available across 7 cards). So I figured why not? I'm pre-approved! Declined.....I'm like.....WHAT!? Not even approved for a baby like $500 limit?? So I wait on the decline letter. Get the letter and it says I'm declined due to "number of bank card tradelines opened in the last 24 months." Granted. I have 6 cards opened in the last 24 months. 2 in the last 12 months. But all of this information is available on my credit report before sending me a pre-approval. So why mislead me and waste my time? The pre-approval still appears in my account even after the decline. WTF. The 3 report pull was additional salt to the wound. This was the last straw among others (I have a 4 year old QuickSilver that they refuse to increase the limit on) with CapOne for me. I'm in the process of moving my money to other accounts and will be ditching CapOne all together.? I hope this helps someone not make the same mistake as me. Be cautious of their "number of accounts opened in 24" rule.

Jan 27 2020
Looks good on paper
Credit Karma Member

The card seemed pretty good, with the $150 sign up bonus, no foreign transaction fees, etc. However, all of those things ended up useless for me. As I've read many other places now and wish I knew before, if you have any sort of issue, even on their end, you may end up out of a card just looking for a way to give a bad review. "No foreign transaction fees" doesn't do much good when they cancel your card once you go overseas. If you already have this card, avoid calling the fraud department if you can, you may never get to use your account again. If you are thinking about getting this card, just make sure nothing funny happens, and don't trust them if they say something is going to work out. To explain my experience with this card briefly, I applied for the card a couple months before I left the country, it took a bit longer than I expected to get my card, and then Capital One messed up when trying to get one of my cards to me (another authorized user's card still worked, so I was still able to use the account, but was not given a working card). I called customer service to rectify the situation, they needed some documents so they could send me my card, and assured me that this wouldn't mess up my other card. Little did I know, both cards were immediately frozen until eventually my entire credit card account was irreversibly restricted, with no explanation. So now I'm left with a new hard enquiry on my credit report, no working credit card without foreign transaction fees, I've had to change all my recurring payments to my card with fees, I'd rather not apply for another credit card and lower my credit score at this point in my life, and I don't really want to go back and work with Capital One again. I know not everyone will have this experience, but they've put me in a rough place and I wish I'd never applied for the card in the first place. There's other cards that are just as good out there, I'd recommend going with one of those.

Jan 27 2020
Everything as expected
Credit Karma Member

Bonus arrived quickly, mobile app is great.

Jan 25 2020
Great entertainment card
Credit Karma Member

The only card I use for dining and entertainment. ?They partnerships with post mates and Vivid Seats are added pluses to really push up the rewards!

Jan 23 2020
Applied, got approved low limit
Credit Karma Member

I got approved but limit is super low.. I rejected the offer. Wasted hard inquiry

Jan 20 2020
Overall good card
Credit Karma Member

I was approved with alternative terms due to having back credit. The alternative terms were no sign on bonus, and the higher interest rate offered. I accepted it just to get my foot in the door, and don't have any complaints thus far. I added my wife as an authorized user, and look forward to good card usage and credit increases.

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Capital One® SavorOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® SavorOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

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