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Jun 08 2017
Things To Consider Before Applying
Credit Karma Member

This is an update from my prior review back in March 2017. I hope this review would help those that are considering applying for the Amex BCE. Now while this is one of the hardest cards to get an approval, note that, once you get approved for it, it is packed with great rewards and bonuses that will save you more money in the long term. When I orignally gotten an approval for the card, my CK credit scores were at 662, but my FICO score at the tme of application was at 742. So for those thinking about applying, please remember to check the following first so you do not waste a hard inquiry. - Length of credit history 6 mos and longer ( if any of you have a high credit score from CK but if the length of your credit history is less than 6 mos old. you would need to wait and age your account until your reach 6 mos. and more) - AMEX likes thin files with no missed payments (during the time of application) - No Baddies or deregatories on your file - Is your FICO score specifically with Experian at least within 690's and over, since AMEX tends to pull the reports from them "MAJORITY" of the time. I say 690 is the absolute guarantee of an approval with the best sign up bonuses and interests. Anything less than that, then you are looking at a lower SL and no sign up bonuses. I hope this breakdown would help some of you, I am sharing this because I have went through it, applied, got denied, without realizing that I needed to age my accounts for 6 mos. and longer to have an actual FICO score, but I did not wait and I wasted an inquiry. I suggest using your approval odds as your motivation, but check for those factors before you apply to ensure success in getting an approval. My current FICO score from Experian is 721 and I am gardening to get that back up again to where I used to be or higher. But overall, my experience with American Express has been amazing. Their sign up bonuse of getting $100 back if you spend $1000 in the first quarter of your membership saved me a $100 on a new TV that I bought. I also get %10 cashback when I use it for dining at restaurants, and more cashback bonuses when being used wisely. I am very happy and content with the AMEX BCE and back in April they reconsidered by original application for the AMEX Green card and approved me for it as well. So if you applied and did not get an instant approval. Call the reconsideration line and you might get suprised. I hope this thread helps.

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Aug 30 2015
AMEX and its former glory
Credit Karma Member

It was back in 2011 when I decided that I needed an "elite" credit card with awesome perks and a high credit limit. My highest CL credit card at the time was a Capital One at $9k. After speaking to some friends in the world of banking and finance and reading a myriad of online reviews, my choices were narroed down to the AMEX Blue Csh Everyday, the Discover it (Discover sent me stuff in the mail weekly...), and the Chase Sapphire. My requirements were simple: no annual fee, rewards whether it be through points of airline miles, and a high credit limit. A little background info about myself in 2011: 28 years old, $76k income, no debt (car paid off, no house yet), 786 FICO, 7 years AAoA, no derogs or negative marks on credit report, 100% payment history, and 5 accounts. I finally decided on the AMEX card because I already had a Chase Freedom, so I did not need another Chase card cannibalizing each other's points and AMEX was renown for customer service. I applied online and was instantly approved for $8k. Decent start, but I'm okay with it since everyone said you can request an increase 90 days later. My other terms were 14.99% APR (didn't care since I always pay in full at the end of every month) and $100 bonus after spending $1k within 3 months (easily completed). Cool, right? Three weeks later, I receive a pre-approved offer from AMEX via snail mail for the same card, but with $150 bonus and 12.99% APR. I was hoping to call up AMEX to see if they can honor these terms since I had just applied for their card and was approved three weeks prior. Kind of a nice welcome gesture. Fifty bucks to them would be nothing compared to the merchant fees they would make from me charging all my purchases on the AMEX. Plus, this was around December, so you can imagine the charges I would rack up with Christmas shopping (I spent $4k that holiday season on gifts). I call them up. Denied... I wait a few more days... denied. I thought about cancelling the card at that point and going with Chase Sapphire, but a business trip and a death in the family distracted me, and I let it slide. Strike one for AMEX. So, the previous incident happened around December. January 2012 rolls around, and I receive an email from AMEX offering me a year of Amazon Prime for free. Dude, who would not take that offer? I did not have Amazon Prime at the time, so I signed up. The terms were that I sign up, pay for Amazon Prime up front using my AMEX card, then AMEX would reimburse me in the form of credit to my statement. Done deal. Or so I thought... Four months roll by, and I check my credit statement. Nothing. I call up AMEX and state my issue. The rep pulled up my account and said that I did not have that offer on my account... I told her I applied for it through the email offer by clicking the link. She said if I did, then it would have flagged it in their system, but she did see that I paid for Amazon Prime using my AMEX. Mind you, I'm no idiot when it comes to computers as I work in software engineering. Luckily, I save most of my emails, so I offered to forward her both the offer email AND the confirmation from AMEX that I had redeemed the offer through their link. Nope, she wouldn't have it. She said she would have another department review it, then contact me with the results in 2 weeks. Fine. Three weeks roll by, nothing. I contact them back to inquire about the status of this review. They said there was no reivew or investigation and it was news to them... So, either the previous lied to me to get me off the phone, or AMEX folk are idiots. So, I restated my issue and offered to forward them the offer email and confirmation email. Nope... They said they would launch another investigation, but for reals this time... Wait three weeks... Nothing... I call them up. Guess what. They have no record of any investigation. I gave up. My time and sanity is worth more than the $90 they would have reimbursed me. If you lasted this long through my review, then thank you, and I hope you take my experiences into consideration when/if applying for this card or any AMEX card. From what I have been reading in the news with the layoffs at AMEX, I am somewhat not surprised. AMEX won the JD Powers award for best customer service, but I have yet to see any of this famed customer service. To date, it really has been like every other credit card I have except for those random offers they have on their website (e.g. spend $50 at Lucille's and get $10 credit). Nothing AMEX has done has set them apart from Chase or Capital One in my experience. It is August 2015. Chase just sent me my new Freedom card with the chip n pin. Nothing from AMEX yet. They are waiting until the last minute I guess. Maybe AMEX is scaling back since not a lot of merchants accept them, or because Costco dropped them. Whatever it is, I have not been feeling the love from AMEX. Maybe the rumors have just been hyped up?

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May 11 2020
Pure Garbage!
Credit Karma Member

This card like ALL American Express financial products is pure garbage... if you're making progress towards owning a great credit file, this card will do you more harm than good.

Apr 24 2020
Excellent Card
Credit Karma Member

I was approved quickly and was given the $150 bonus almost immediately. If you've got it together it's smooth sailing.

Apr 21 2020
proving address in order to get approved
Credit Karma Member

didn't get an approval right away (it was pending) amex mention I had to go to my bank to get my address confirmed the letter mentioned getting the banker to give me a letter head of the bank hours bankers name phone and ext and address wow What a hoot!!!! got to bank of America and the banker said first of all Amex knows better than to ask for such things and its a liability I pleaded with the banker maybe we could call them while being in the bank meanwhile amex refuses an statement printed by the bank also after talking to amex while being in the bank I finally got someone on the phone that really cared and understood my Dilemma and understood that bank of America ways he sent a telacheck link to my phone and I confirmed my identity that way!! omg I was so happy to speak to him because of the previous amex representatives told me No!!! we need everything on that letter of else we can't help you!!! its crazy theres trillions of ways to prove an address why do it this way Amex?????? but long story short I did get approved with a 703 score

Apr 19 2020
Worst Card on the Market
Credit Karma Member

Did a Balance Transfer when opened Credit Card, was sent to wrong Company by American Express been fighting and disputing for over a Year now. I finally gave up and did balance Transfer from Bank of America.

Apr 08 2020
Credit Karma Member

Jul 14 2018
Easy to get, love the cash back
Credit Karma Member

Oddly enough, Credit Karma said my chances of getting approved for this card were poor, but Amex instantly approved me for a $4000 credit limit. According to CK, my TU and EQ scores are 750+, but I know my Experian FICO score is below 700, thanks to one old bad debt. I have a Discover It, Capital One Quicksilver, and Bank of America Mastercard that are all a bit over a year old now, plus a Chase Amazon Prime Visa I got a few months ago. I figured Amex was worth a shot, and I was right! Upon approval, I was immediately able to register my account on their website, plus they gave me my card number info, so I could use it right away. Of course, I waited till I had the card in hand, but so far everything's been great. The cash back for groceries is awesome, which is my primary use for it. With 4 of my 5 cards offering rewards, I try to use them each in the categories where I'll get the most. Loving this card so far!

Jul 13 2018
very good card
Credit Karma Member

0% for 15 months not bad approved for 5k with 698 not bad

Jul 13 2018
You just can't beat Amex Customer Servic
Credit Karma Member

American Express provides one of the best customer service out there. Not to mention their excellent User Interface in both the website and Mobile App, along with a ton of credit card features and services which you wouldn't normally get with other credit card providers.

Jul 08 2018
The limit was so low it wasn???t worth hav
Credit Karma Member

For balance transfer it worthless

Jul 07 2018
Credit Karma Member

I use it for shopping online great rewards!!

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Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

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