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Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC)

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Oct 27, 2015
Roadside Assistance
bundlolafs Policyholder

A few weeks ago while I was at work one of my coworkers noticed my tire went flat. I called AAA (I have been a member since 1998) and they sent out a tow truck driver. First of all he spoke no English at all--only Spanish. He put air in my tire but before he left I asked him to see if there was a hole in the tire. I did not want it to go flat/blow while I was driving because that could cause me to miscarry. Seeing my visibly pregnant stomach (I am a military widow), he refused to check the tire and left. I told him I needed him to check it especially since I had a medically necessary Ob/gyn apppointment that afternoon. Again, he refused and would not even tow me to a tire place. After he left I went back to work and when I came back out that afternoon the tire was flat again. Livid and irate, I called Auto Club again and insist they get someone out there right away so I did not miss my doctor's appointment. They called the same tow truck company, who was very rude, and was over an hour late, making me miss my doctor's appointment and affecting an entire medical office's schedule. When the driver did show up, the reason he was late was because he literally just came over from Mexico, had no idea where he was going, and also did not speak English. I told him now I also had no gas and to try to see if I could catch my doctor he needed to give me some gas. Had he been on time I would not have needed it. He refused and only gave me some gas after his boss told him he had to. Even he would not tow me to the doctor's office or a tire company. It was over 100 degrees outside and approaching my third trimester, I had no water. I could have died or lost my baby out there and they didn't care--clearly since they could not even send people who speak English. It was a horrible experience and I am dropping them. I do not suggest anyone pay for their service or work with them. They used to be good ten years ago but with the changes are now horrible and a total waste of money! No respect for military widows and no respect for pregnant women! FYI the tow truck company who sent over the illegals/non-English speak drivers was A and B Towing. Their drivers and their office staff are extremely rude!!!

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Aug 12, 2016

It is sad to hear your story. This is the NEW AMERCIAN way. They have comparable pricing but have some strange policy rules. Once I got three receipts every single one with different amounts on it, I asked them to give me the one I agreed to & they told me it was impossible because that one came from their main office ???? GO FIGURE ??? Yes, they once were excellent, they have fallen from that rating.. If you compare them to others they are still better than most...

Aug 30, 2013
Fullerton center LIES! AND MORE LIES!
Anonymous Policyholder

I was influenced by the AAA commercials to try the Auto insurance. The long and short I have never been in an auto accident. I do not drink and I would never be a nimrod to do such a thing as to be drunk whild driving. I dislike any drugs and have no desire to have speed bumps in my life. I work and pay all my bills, taxes etc. So I get thos sales rep. she promises me that I will have a real good rate of $800 per year for me and $400 for my son. That everything is a go. But then she is talking to me any my son and I could see that se is not really paying attention, she is checking her emails because I could see that she is conducting real estate business while working as a sales rep. for AAA, she is a real estate agent wheeling and dealing while giving us half hearted info on the true rates because she is too busy with her side business.

She is answering her real estate customers and not properly informing us that the rate will be determined by someone from corporate so a few days later I find out that the rates will be $700 more because of my son who is a new driver and even though I am the primary driver I will be charged additional. Talk about switch and bait tactics, quite a scam they have since the AAA services are excellent they can bamboozel people to change auto insurance with feel good commercials.  I will get another insurance for the lies and the preoccupied real estate agent "insurance rep" but I will be more diligent and forego commercials

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