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You can't drop from a 791 to 635 overnight with NO credit changes! Excellent before, now POOR?
I understand the reasons for the switch, and have read everything I can about it. It doesn't change the negative effect it's having for most people, as evidenced by the message boards *everywhere*! It would be like taking a AAA+ rated bond, and overnight changing the rating to C-grade, and then trying to convince all the investors who bought the bonds based on the AAA+ rating that there's a new rating model that is much better and more fair and accurate, so now your AAA+ bonds are C-grade and won't command nearly the price at sale as a AAA+ bond would. Oh, but it's much more fair and accurate. Sure, you're on the losing end, but it's so much more fair and accurate. Sure, you can only get a 10% mortgage now instead of a 3.5% rate, but it's much more fair and accurate. Sure, all the credit card companies will now want to reduce all your credit lines drastically, probably by 50% or more, but it's much more fair and accurate. Sure, you can't get that special lease rate anymore, because suddenly you're no longer a "highly qualified" customer, but it's much more fair and accurate. You can try as hard as you want, and put your best salespeople on it, but you will *never*, NEVER sell that the American public. The only one's benefitting from sticking highly credit-worthy customers with artificially low credit scores and thus much higher-yielding interest rates are the profiteering corporate fascists like the Koch brothers and the big banks. And since the Big 3 bureaus are paid primarily by the profiteering corporate fascists and the big banks, and NOT by we, the consumers, it's clear where loyalties lie. What was supposed to make things more fair and even-handed for the consumer has clearly been turned perverted into another way to squeeze every penny out of the average American. Lower score = WE pay MORE. We're neither blind nor are we stupid.

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Hi jonw1701,

We certainly understand your frustration at seeing your score "drop", but it's important to realize they are two totally different score models. Comparing scores from different models is "apples to oranges" and is not helpful. 

Your score provided on Credit Karma doesn't affect your ability to obtain credit as banks will use the score model of their choice. They will not check your Credit Karma account. Some have already been using the VantageScore 3.0 we provide, but others do not - they can use a FICO score, or even a score model of their own design. 

A credit score is important, but your overall credit is more important. By focusing on having a healthy credit report with moderate utilization rates, no late payments, and minimal hard inquiries will produce a good score no matter the model. We provide a free weekly credit report from 2 bureaus so you can track your progress.

Please feel free to let me know if you have additional concerns. 

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

View your scores and reports anytime.


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