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Why has my vantage score gone down when my credit score has gone up?
nothing has really changed in my credit, my payments are made on time, and no new debt has been aquired, so why has one score dropped, and the other gone up?
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One possible answer could be your debt to ration. If you're using more than 30% of your credit then you will loose points even if you make all of your payments on time. (Example: You have a credit card limit of $1000 but you're using more than $300 Which is more than 30%.) You will loose points. Even if you only use $301. IF that's the case then make sure to only use less than 20% of your credit which would be $200. The less you use the more points you will earn. If you use over 30% make sure you pay down before your statement closing date. Most people with 800 credit score only use around 7% of their credit.

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What a great contribution. To the point and simple. You really helped me get an understanding of what may be my issue in regard to the fluctuation scores. Thanks:)

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vantage score in my experience has been much more volatile than the Transunion scores.  Vantage is a tool to show more specifically how recent changes to your credit profile affect risk whereas the primary score for Transunion provides a more comprehensive overview of credit worthiness (which to my knowldedge is what creditors look at).  It may be difficult to assess the reason for recent fluxuations in the two scores but my guess is that you credit profile has changed in way that are both positive and negative recently, and while the Transunion score may not be affected as much by the negative change the Vantage was significantly.  There are many variables involved in each scoring method and the two different scores clearly place different emphasis on different factors, leading to your two contradicting score changes.  I'd reccommend looking closely at all the info in your credit report card prior to each score update, then look for any changes with the update that may have had an impact.

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what is vantage score?

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 my vantage score changes periodically but my transrisk score has not changed in three months even though l have paid off a few accts. why is that?

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Good question: my recent FICO numbers are 30+ points higher than CK (and climbing) and my CK number hasn't changed for six months.  I consistently have less than 15% and more often less than 10% of my credit utilized.  I have had perfect on-time payments for four years.  I have an 11% debt-to-income ratio.  I have even added a successful hard inquiry with no even short-term negative effect.   I know for a fact I took a 2 point hit with TU, EX and EQ but it is not reflected here.  Something is seriously wrong with CK.

I tried to inquire to CK several times but have received no response.  I use this for a reference only.  If you get a real answer please post it.

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hey start,my impression, CK people seem to have this site on the pre-tense that they help people, that way they can ask for money on the advertising.....I had issues a few months back on the site not "up-dating" like it used to, wwent round and round with them on here....finally they(CK) admitted that there was a my score keeps going up with the stupid "Vantagescore", which a bank here has told me they never heard of that and only use TU, swf, why CK even has it is beyond me.....I raised that question here and noone hasn't got back to me about it.....I'm not interested in a scsore that does me no the old saying goes, "you get what u pay for".....since this is free, ur not getting much but an "idea" of what ur score is.

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