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Why are we trying to "work" a system that's just using us?
Why are we working so hard to borrow money, to build a better score, to borrow more, to build an even better score, to......

A whole society is dancing to the credit industrys tune. This has to be, hands down, the most impressive long con in human history.

They've convinced entire generations of entire families to submit themselves to financial servitude. ...and feel elite & privilaged by the opportunity to make others rich.

Part of the reason I'm making such a hobby out of this is because I've pulled a hamstring (again), can barely walk, running is out of the question and I'm going stir-crazy.

The others are personal. No one puts a gun to your head to use credit...but the way the industry does their marketing is "candy flavored poison".
-my sister's life is virtally ruined with non-dischargeable student loan debt AND credit cards
-aunt bankrupt
-uncle will never retire
-mother will never retire

I'm the "lucky one". I missed one credit card payment because of a stupid bookeeping mistake. I maintained a zero balance on a $9500 card for a long time. Got the card just to "build my credit" years ago, and fell off using it. I last time I used it was to buy a book online in 2013 and forgot. Fast forward 75 days and here's what I've got:
- 2 missed payments on my credit report.
- bank used it as an excuse to shut me down since I wasnt in the habit of using the card any way. "Closed by credit grantor", another black mark.

This was almost 4 years ago now. Still on my report.

Bank of America closed a 10 year old account with a 15 year client for ONE bookeeping error that was less than some people spend at starbucks in a day. $10.95. That was a single 10.95 charge.

So I'm good and fed up, call to close my other card.
They tell me I shouldn't, because I'll never find another interest rate this low and it'll hurt my credit.

So let me get this straight: you beat me up for an honest, small, mistake... but I shouldn't leave you because that ñwould not be in my best interest". If this were a human relationship it'd be called abuse.

These companies are vermin!

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I agree with what you are saying, they keep us down because we volunteer for it to keep up with the neighbors. Unfortunately though, if you are a poor or middleclass person, you sometimes don't have money for necessities and need credit. The only thing keeping this country going right now is credit and the credit system has been on the verge of collapse for a long time, eventually it will collapse as there is not enough money out there to cover the credit issued. Then it will basically be the end of things as we know them. Scary stuff. Just one objection I have to your post though is that "closed by credit grantor" is not technically a negative, certainly not to scoring systems, may raise a question by someone manually reviewing your report though, but cards get closed all the time by the grantor if they go unused for long enough.

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I understand where you're coming from.

It's up to parents to teach their children about credit and a multitude of other things;  which doesn't happen.  I learned about credit the hard way after getting burned. 

Credit card companies, banks and other lenders are in business to make money. People don't want to save for something, but have to have the latest expensive gadgets they can't afford. No company is putting a gun to people's head to make them obtain and use their products.  It's also important to go with reputable companies.

Reading articles here and elsewhere has empowered my decision making and furthered my education. I only charge what I can comfortably pay off every month. I have credit alerts set up with all the creditor websites so I'm informed immediately if my card(s) have been compromised.  I utilize credit cards for rewards and I'm able to enjoy free hotel stays, gasoline fuel rewards, occasional fine dining etc.

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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