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who is NATLCRSYS???? I have an accont with them but I dont know who they are

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One more shade of Capitalism

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They are attempting to destroy my credit as well.

I won't go into all the details, or make this about me, but

I would like to make the idealogical point that their tactics are reflective of a

broader social problem, namely that the "big fish" has more rights

and freedom than the "little fish" simply because of their financial

leverage. So, in effect, "little fish" is enslaved by the rules set forth

by said "big fish". 

(They do report to Experian's Rentbureau too, just an FYI, learning curve for me, had never even heard of that until recently...)

Anyway, maybe someday the little guy will have more of a voice and more leverage

to defend the very roof over his head.

Good Luck!

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National Credit Systems

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This is a company located in Colorado. They specialize in buying old debts from companies. Let's say you owe $2,500.00 to a company and havent paid in over two years. This company buys your debt from them at a low,low,low price. They get all the information on you that the previous company had and charge you their late fees plus the actual debt.

I had the debt removed after three years by using this simple loophole. My debt was with the phone company. I originally signed a contract with them for a certain period of time for their service. After three months, the service sucked so I had it disconnected. I owed the company $900.00 for the remaining service. This is where I got them. They sold my account to NATLCRSYS but they missed one little detail in the contract. They were not allowed to give any of my information to anyone, email address, home address, etc unless I approved it.

Not only did I win in court but they had to pay my attorney fees as well. The reason why I won was because the phone company posted this debt to my credit at the same time that NATLCRSYS did. Since they sold the account, they were not allowed to post the debt to my credit. You just have to know the rules of engagement when it comes to your credit. As a taxpayer, you have the right to shoot first if you feel threatened.

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my apatment complex sent me to them that i owe them $3000. i offer to pay 1500 and they said they will not give me a receit unless i make 2100. So i refuse to pay them. One of the workers called Marshall was so rude and disreaspect. I asked her why she dont give a receit and she stated because they can, and thats what they do. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! I told her if I die tomorrow how will my hsband know that I paid half? She stated well we will tell him. WOW. they are scams and fraud. A bundch of getto people who will harrase anyone. I am having a law suit against them pretty soon. When you call this company record them everytime.

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They are a collection agency who would take anyone's word for a debt only to charge  the consumers for something, in my case , I don't owe 

Mike  Cook is the manager I had to speak with because one of the employees there iris brown hung up on me twice and threatened me the second time;  at least mr cook had the decency of giving me a po box# to write down my complaint against this very rude customer service rep.  Oh, Mr Cook also threatened me with hanging up ,if I would not let him speak, he wanted me to listen to his rhetoric , so I listened , he said he is going to mail me the documents from the apartment complex suing me for money :COUNTRY VIEW APARTMENT IN NORTH FORT MYERS , fl.  Which is a dump , the apartment we lived in 5 months had mold and we were always going to the doctors for  what we thought were allergies.

So if you need to file a complaint , here : natlcrsys. P O Box  312125. Atlanta , GA 31131

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the number please?

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I just want to pay off my debt is there a number?

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I dont know who they are report my credit for this name NATLCRSYS without my knowledge. I believe this is debt something. I dont like IRIS BROWN is rude on the phone because I told her that Complex townhouse has a hole and crack the wall in every bathroom and kicthen when I moved in an apt at the time. I told the leasing office that I would have to move out because Its not good eviroment to live out there for my child to stay and its not safe for ROACH in every room at complex for reason. I dont never like this company.. I told them dont posted my credit so how can i get an attroney because I moved out for short term and breaking a lease for some reason about terrbile school system and complex in forest park. 

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You have an account listed that I do not owe.   This was paid years ago.  

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I have that too have you found anything to figure out what it is for and if you got it removed?

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Get your credit reports!!!

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Go to and get all 3 credit reports.  Look them over carefully and file disput es with the reporting bureau on any item(s) you don't know or are saure aren't yours.  Mistakes are common in credit reports and the bureaus have to investigate and either verify or remove the erroneous items.

Make it an annual habit to check over your credit reports to make certain only the correct information (even those late payments you may have made) are reported.

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I believe this company is a fraud as thier client Collegiate Housing is! Colleiate will never give you a clean apartment to rent, their apartments are as shabby as their company as they keep security deposits and charge every tenant over and over again for the same charges then they have the nerve to charge you off to a shabby collection agency...Will never deal with either of these so called companies!  BEWARE PEOPLE!!!

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