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What does it mean when my credit is too limited?
Why can't I find my credit score? The message states my credit history is too limited to locate. Is that a nice way of saying I have worse than bad credit?

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I've seen people who actually have had zero (0) Credit Scores.

This usually indicates a very minimum or total lack of credit.  It's usually so little, the scoring models cannot calculate an actual score.

If by chance that you do have totally bad credit, something should be showing up.  If you are not sure, you should check (for free) each of your 3 credit reports at

The website will not give you credit scores.  It will, however, allow you to see your files and what is on them.

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zero scores doesn't necessarily mean bad credit, it just means there is not enough to assign a risk (score) to your profile. and just because you're paying a car loan doens't mean they are reporting to the agencies. it's possible to have lots of debt but if none of them report, then it doens't help (or hurt, depending on how you pay). 

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What does it mean when it's says my credit is too limited?

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Credit Score Too limited

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At first I could see my credit score for a while, probably up to about a year and now it's telling me that my credit score is too limited, I know I have credit because I'm paying bills and a car note, at first it said my score was 532 now it will not let me see anything

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Length of credit history

I have had a mortgage payment non stop since 1993 and continuous auto loans as well. It says my credit history is too short. 3 years. Yet both my car loans and mortgage show up on my report. Does anyone know what that is about?

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I think it mean you don't have much credit you have to build it up like get somethingthat maybe cist less that $1000 andpay it off like ok yo uhave $500 in the bank go borrow $4000 then pay it back like 2 months later that way you credit goes up and when you need money you can get it with no problem

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Visa Black Card, Is it worth the fees?

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Approved for Visa Black Card. Had the first years fees waived. Is it worth it to keep it?

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Not to me or most people whose opinions I've read. Look at the Citi Prestige or Amex Platinum...much better benefits.

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