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What does Capital One mean when they say this?
Applied for a credit card with Capital One, received a letter stating the following reasons for not being approved:

- Based on credit report from Experian for ____________, Number of recent inquiries.

-Based on credit report from Trans Union for ____________, proportion of account balance(s) to credit limit or high credit on account(s)

-Based on credit report from Equifax for ____________, proportion of account balance(s) to credit limit or high credit on revolving account(s)

-Based on credit report from Equifax for ____________, credit bureau information is missing or unavailable
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Thanks for the reply.

I did apply to a couple other offers I recived in the mail while I was dealing with a mistake that Captial One had on my inital application. I have an issue that Equifax is alluding to when I went to get my free credit report. The vaildation question allude to me having sometype of mortgage in my name.

If I'm able to clear up the Equifax issue should I be able to resolve the trouble I'm having with Capital One and getting approved?

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It means just what it says.  In a nutshell they think you have too many inquiries, you have to high of a percentage of credit usage, and part of your credit report is missing some info their seeking.

Have you tried cap one's pre-qualification process?  Prehaps you were applying for too high echelon of a card for their standards?

Best of luck!

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it means just what it says, they consider you a very weak credit score, and have declined your request for new credit. forget about applying for anything for at least another 6-12 months, or untill you can remove some of the negatives on your reports...

get your balances down below 30%  and keep them there

make every payment on time, every time, for at least 6 months

allow enough time for at least 2 or 3 more inquires to fall off your credit...

if you have more than 6, then I would not even consider applying for anything until you have 3 or less.

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Since you have a good reason to suspect incorrect information on your credit report yuo have to deal with it with all three agencies -- pull your free creditreport ( Make sure the information is correct / dispute any and all invalid information you see. Only then worry about other lines of credit.

Besides you seem to have too many inquiries right now, lay off the search for 6 months.

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Thanks for the replies.

Only Equifax seems to imply that I have some suspious activity on my credit report as they ask strange questions and cannot provide me a credit report so I have to apply for one from them via mail complete a copy of my ID and Social Security Card.

Obviously I made the mistake of repling to these pre-approved offers without getting a copy of my credit report first and without building enough credit both experian and trans union indicate that I have no credit history which sucks as I have bills in my name but I suppose not everything is counted for. 

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If you are looking to start up building credit history, go to your local credit union. See what they will offer you of their credit cards -- with what you say, most likely it will be a secure credit card. There are also a few other sources of secured credit cards -- people here seem to like orchards bank but i have no experience with them to say one way or another.

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