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Was there a change on how collections are reported from TransUnion?
Today was an update on my reports here at CreditKarma and I am wondering if this is normal or something new.
There is a notice that two collection items were dropped from my Transunion report (close to 7 years old so I have been patiently waiting for this to happen)

Collections Accounts Removed
Since your last update on Feb 13, 2017, 2 collections accounts have been removed from your credit report.

BUT right above that there is this notice.....

New Accounts Reported
Since your last update on Feb 13, 2017, 2 accounts have been added to your credit report.

And now there appears to be a new tab on the top of the Transunion report labeled "Sent For Collections" and that is where these two accounts are now showing up.

But on the actual collections tab directly below that shows there are NO items in collection.
As of Feb 20, 2017, you have no collections accounts on your credit report.

I guess my question is..does this mean anything to me or is it just a new way of showing up on the Transunion report perhaps? Maybe they changed their data a bit and CreditKarma will now fix the site to reflect the changes?...but that's just a

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Me Too

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I just had this happen to me as well, and responded to another poster on this subject.  It made my score go down.  Is this an attempt to re-age the debt or "re-park" it?  I think that is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act?  

Someone with some knowledge on this needs to inform us affected by this and what we can do if we are being negatively affected or illegally being reported on.

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In my case it didn't seem to affect my score at all..I just need to figure out because these two items are due to drop off anytime now and I hope they didn't do something to prevent this from happening.

Hopefully someone in "the know" will chime in on the subject.

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thirty points off

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I have found that Credit Karma is at least thirty points off in reporting my credit score which in reality was 30 points higher as reported by real reporting agencies. So, whatever CK is reporting, add thrty points to it and you will have a more accurate credit score.

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This is not true.  Due to there being MANY scoring systems you can not make a blanket statement like that.  I have had some scores come back higher and some come back lower than what the Vantagge score that CK uses shows. Remember there are over 20 FICO scores, and countless scoring systems that lenders make for themselves.

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Credit report

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Newly married, husband had bankruptcy ten years ago. Husband lived in hone 17. Years, I 9years, no eviction. Paid rent on time. Utilities on time. We don't want to add more debt. Can we still be looked upon as honest renters?

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Has anyone given you ans explination?

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I feel that they are using this as advantage.

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Can we negotiated a payment plan

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i was a vitam of domestic violence, I rather deal with appointments plan even my setuation was a part that I'm deling with! How can I fix this lean that was put on my credit?  Please help take care my problem.

vitor m Romero 

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