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want to get credit scrore to the 800s and I owe no one anything and score is at 560 to 637 why?
is there a good company out there that helps people is trustworthy and if so who are they and do they have a phone number ?

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Finance something in a store (like a mattress at Sleep Train), and make x2-3 the scedualed payments, within 6-9months your score will be considerably higher. Don't miss a payment, don't pay off at their scedualed lower payments, don't let the payments exceed past the interest-free period (if any).

Watch your utilization flip, and your score increase; plus your LOC (line of credit) will remain on your report(s) for some time after (Sleep Train uses Tidewater Credit Services, and they hold your LOC open 6 months after your balance is paid in full).

Don't buy as much of a (bed, in this case) as you CAN* finance; buy what you need but try to remain 50% or below of the approved LOC buy their finance company. I personally fianced 49.5% of the approved amount (give or take .1%) and left the remaining amount open "unfinanced".

Your repayments of that LOC will look favorable as it adds in bits and pieces to the whole sum of how your credit score is calcuated

Credit Card Utilization high impact

Payment History high impact

Derogatory Marks high impact

Age of Credit History med impact

Total Accounts low impact

Credit Inquires low impact

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Please re-read the articles here so you can better understand how credit works.  Your score improves by building a portfolio of available credit and using credit wisely.  It can actually be a fun and very productive game.  I used to be so conscientious on avoiding charging anything until after joining this site and learning credit skills.  I was recently able to purchase a new car with a preauthorized purchase voucher, something that was impossible ten years ago, and I now have more available credit than I ever had.  Right now, I am planning on doing another "balance transfer" just to avoid paying the interest so I can get my credit card account paid off faster.  Saving money is the goal of wise credit usage, and teaching wise credit management is the goal of this site.

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Old sayin

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That's why they sya sometimes NO CREDIT is just as bad as bad credit, just go to some clothing/furniture store, get a store credit card and start there. Don't need to be getting into the 1000's in debt. ALSO i discovered that long term GOOD and paid on time debt looks good in your credit. ie car loan.

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absolutely true!  You have to be in debt to have a good credit score.  And if you have secured credit, like a mortgage or auto loan and pay it off?  It doesn't count anymore unless you have bad history associated with them.  The bad history stays with you for at least 7 years.  The good history is 'poof' gone!  Your score is based on 'open' credit history.  If you pay your bills on time, payoff your mortgage, pay off your car,'re credit score tumbles unless you have open credit accounts to fall back on.  And the magic number seems to be 5.  Your score will rise incrementally as the open credit ages, but 5 years of good behavior is the goal.  It's a game, and you have to play by their rules.  Retirees especially take notice, we're usually the ones who get our long-term debts cleared before we retire.  Check this site out thoroughly to be aware of all the pitfalls!  I wish I had!!

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