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Stay at home mom
Trying to find out the best way to build up my credit, because I have no credit right now to get approved for anything

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credit status.....

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in my humble opinion,the best way to establish credit(although i did it differently) is to get a SECURED CREDIT CARD! basically its an open line of credit that you make a deposit on($99 bux) or sumtin like dat.then you use the card,pay it off regularly to show that you are credit worthy...after a year or so you can get ur $99 bux back and or apply for other NON-SECURED cards...

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If you can afford to live without $99, keep the account open (as long as there's no/low annual fee).  Always keep the credit card that you've had the longest open.  One important part of your credit score is longest account and average length account open.  I have a credit card that I started off with in college 15+ years ago, and even though I only occasionaly use it, but I've kept it open - probably one the best credit decisions I've made.

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Try Share Secured (cash) Loans

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When I first started to build credit, I used share (cash) secured loans from my credit union.  Basically walk in to a credit union with $500 and tell them you want a $500 loan and you are willing to secure the loan with $500 cash that you deposit into your saving account. Check with the credit union before applying to find out if they will do a credit check.  Most will agree not to do one, since there is zero risk for the financial institution. They then give you a loan (at a very low interest rate) for $500 and use the money in your savings account as the collateral. You walk out of the credit union with $500 in your pocket.  The only thing it costs you is the interest that you pay on the loan.  Most likely less than $10.  To make things even easier, you can sign up to have the loan automatically taken out of your savings account. Because you signed up for automatic payments your loan will be paid off on time.    Remeber that good credit stays on your account for ten years.

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I Was In The Same Boat

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I immigrated to the USA when I got married, so when I got my social security number I didn't have any credit history or job history. My husband and I took out a credit card together, with a bit of a higher interest rate than he'd usually get (his score was 730ish and mine was 'error, no information found'). But we've paid it off every month we've had it, so paid no interest anyway. I have a short credit history so he also added me to his longest opened card, now my credit history is a couple of years longer than I've even been in the country lol.

So I'd say the fastest way to build credit is to use your husband's credit score to your advantage, if you can. Once you have some kind of credit history and good repayment history, you can start applying for your own credit cards in time. After about 6 months of low utilisation and full repayments my credit score shot to 750. Now it's sitting at 710 because of a 26k car loan we took out, but I'm happy with anything in the 700's.

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Easy cred approvals

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Secured visa is a good route to go, But if you ask around, There's always a small place around that offers easy credit approval (But make sure they report to the Credit Bureau) these places usually have either high interest or a finance fee, But if you pay it off in less than 6 months, Whatever it is you buy it shouldn't be too bad.

That's how I got my started off at 18, I purchased around $600 worth of stuff, Paid if off then went to a watch shop, Took out credit there (Easy approval as well) bought a watch, Paid it off and I got approved with Bank of America Visa and my credit has kept going up ever since. Just make sure you don't apply to large stores like Walmart, Target or best buy since they're pretty hard to get approved for.

Another easy approval I would consider Amazon store card! Try it, They might start you off at about $250, But they'll slowly raise it as you buy stuff and pay it off.

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