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Sprint trying to ruin my credit by keeping my bill from me and T-Mobile can't pay it.
Ok. I haven't signed up for your website yet but I was given advice to come to you about a problem I have with Sprint.
So the problem is spill is actively trying to ruin my credit. Roughly in the middle of January I switched phone companies from Sprint to T-Mobile. T-Mobile has that deal going on when if you switch from Sprint they will pay your ETA (Early Termination Fee). Now the problem is Sprint claims they sent me a bill in the mail which I did not receive. The first thing I did was try to look at my bill on their website. But their website is set up that if your account is closed you cannot look at your bill. It asks me for my account number which when I put in their site tells me I am not allowed to view my bill until I change my account preferences and enter my current SPRINT phone number and device. Which I obviously did not have because I left them. So I go to one of their store locations and they tell me that because the account is closed they can't look it up in the store. So I called their customer service number and when I spoke to one of their people, I was told that they could reprint my bill for $5 or they could send me a letter of statement. Now I opted for the letter of statement for 2 reason. First is because I was not going to pay $5 for a reprint when I did not receive the original. Second the gentleman I spoke to on the phone assured me that everything I needed was on the letter of statement. I asked him multiple times. I asked him was my account number on the statement he said "yes" I asked if my full name was on the statement he said "yes" I asked him if the amount of money I owed on the account was there he once again said "yes" he even then went on to assure me by saying all the things I mentioned where there and it even showed the date of when I joined and even when I left Sprint was on there. Then he told me I would receive it in roughly 3 days. Roughly 3 days after I spoke to Sprint customer service, I received an email saying my account was past due and it would be sent to a collection agency if not paid by the 21st of March. Now the problem with that is it takes T-Mobile an estimated 8 weeks ( could be less) to process my request and send me a Master Card for the amount on the Bill I send to them. Estimating that even if they could get me the card within a month it would be past collection agency deadline for sprint. That same day right after receiving the email I called sprint and explained the situation to them that I was waiting on the bill from them and the master card to pay off their bill and seeing that it was their fault they should put a hold on the collection agency business. The lady told me it has already been put on a list and she can't do anything about it then she hung up on me. The next day I did receive the letter of statement. But apparently the original customer service agent lied to me because the amount owed was not on the letter of statement. So I called Sprint immediately and the lady told me she doesn't know why the man lied to me and all she can do is send me a reprint of the bill. At this point I had no choice but to go for that option because I could not get my bill any other way. And she too refused to postpone the report to the collection agency. As you can see I am actively trying to resolve this issue and sprint is not cooperating with me. Now don't get me wrong I have made some childish financial decisions in the past, but now I am trying to be more responsible. I would pay Sprint off and use the master card for myself, but I don't have a job and if I paid sprint off I would be dead broke. So my friend told me of this website and how you can help me from keeping sprint away from ruining my credit. Can you help
Omololu Ogunlewe

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