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Seterus try to steal my Home.
This Nightmare started over 3 yrs. ago when LBPS/IBM Lenders [ Which are now calling themselves Seterus. ] Bought myloan from BOA.
Go figure right.Anyway I'll give you the short version.
They bought it in June of 2010. I had my home built in 2006.First Countrywide had mortage then BOA Then these SCUM BAGS .
I have a 30 yr.fixed at 6.75. My Principal & Interest Has always been 1171.04 . Made May's BOA like always. Get a bill from LBPS in june 2356.84 All it said was 1171.04 Prin& INT. Escrow 1185.61.WTH. I call numerous time caint hardly understand person on the other end don't speak good English if you know what I mean.Anyway caint get a answer why they added an escrow with out my consent..This goes on for months never talking to the same person twice or a manager.Long story short they filed a forecloseur Jan 1st 2013 an stoped accepting my pymts. I contacted the Texas Attorney General.they got involved but told me only way to save my home was file chpt.13 Bankruptcy.Which we did in may they still haven't supplied the paper work showing why I owe 42,000 back pay & Showed where the 59,000 I have paid in was applied.
Can you believe this can happen to a hard working God Loving Family in The good OLE USA.I caint! But this ole Boy ain't goin down without a fight.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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just 5 mins with the name Seterus
found the following on their website.
"After your loan servicing is transferred, Seterus may perform an analysis of your escrow account. During the escrow analysis, Seterus reviews your escrow payment amount and determines if it is adequate to cover your insurance, taxes, and any other premiums paid through escrow. The escrow analysis typically occurs within 60 days of loan transfer and often creates a change in your escrow payment amount. If we perform this analysis, we will send you an escrow analysis statement in the mail, which will outline any payment change that occurred. "

Based on that you should have received the "escrow analysis statement" based on that you should have received something in the mail. If you did not then you might have some type of legal rights ( not sure at all )

just saying that is all.

Good Luck

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yes same here

still fighting them saying we are 11,000 behind got all cancel checks but they cant tell me were the payments went sueing

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They will steal your home

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I am going through hell with these scum. They say payments late when there all registered through us mail as not. my story goes on and on with these scum. my laywer has never seen anything like this in there 34 years of real estate law. they are the lowest of the low. all they want is to foreclose on your home nothing more nothing less.

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I am going through it now trying to steal my home They claimed they sold my home  when I STILL HOLD THE DEED

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