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I have tried to build my credit back and am already paying $150 and $250 on 2 existing credit cards so under your recommendation I attempted to consolidate these 2 cards totaled over $10000.00 and have been making payments on time for a few years, however I have been denied, now I feel I am worst off than before , which if I had not received the recommendation I would not have attempted this. Very disappointed, im only trying to pay off my debts but the intrest is killing me. This us why I was declined : serious delinquency and public record or collection filed; portion of balances to credit limits on bank revolving or other revolving account is too high; time since delinquency is too recent or unknown; number of accounts with delinquency. At the time of requests: credit score 651.
Now I have to wait for 3 years for that hard credit check to be removed, not to mention my credit score dropping.

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Sorry to hear this, but the recommendations are not made by the site but are done by the "sponsors" of the site, the credit card companies.  They base their recommendations on partial information from here, and that is not always good enough.  The"sponsors" pay for this site so we can use it for free; otherwise we would have to pay to get a credit score.

The inquiries on your credit report from this application you made will be insignificant in one year and gone in two. 

The delinquencies are the big denial problem, as it the collection/public record notification.  Those will not disappear for 7 years from the date they occurred.

You might want to check Dave Ramsey's site and see what he recommends.  He may have some workable ideas on how to possibly get the interest rate reduced so you can get the bills paid in full.  It is difficult to have high balances to pay off, but you can make it since I can see you are so detemined.  Please do not give up.

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Don't use the recommendations on this site. Hard Inquiries only remain on your reports for 2 years and only cause damage for 1 year and the damage is not that severe, so don't worry about it and put it behind you as a lesson learned not to do anything that Credit Karma recommends. Also keep in mind that the scores you get here on Credit Karma are not scores that most lenders will use, most lenders use FICO scores. Forget about applying for any more credit in your current situation as it is not the answer for you. Find a way to generate more money to put toward paying off your current debt, it may not be easy, but it is the best solution to your problems. Find a second job, sell things that you don't need, cut your spending, etc.

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