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questions about being AU on cc and need help
I noticed recently while on this site looking at my credit report and my credit cards that a credit card that I'm only an AU on suddenly appeared. I've had this card for 4 plus years but all of sudden it showing on my report. The questions I have is I got 2 exact same cc offers in mail within 4 months. Before the cc showed up on my report the cc offer I got was for 12% and after this card posted the 2nd offer 4 months later is now offering 17%. Isnt credit cards suppose to not factor in cc that I'm an AU on? This card is maxed out and I feel that that is hurting my credit history and any offers I get. What is weird is I lowered my own card I'm responsible on and nothing else changed regarding any credit except that his card showed up on my report even though I've been on it As an authorize user for years. Also the address this person has for this card is also now on my credit report What do I do about that? The address showed up same time this card showed up on credit report. I don't use that address at all. I thought as AU I'm not responsible for this card so then why is credit cards offering me higher % and my report has that address I don't have? Also I noticed my credit score on here lowered the exact time this credit card appeared. I now the scores on here aren't accurate but it lowed same time this card appeared and the 2 exact credit card offers I got in mail 4 months apart the apr changed when the card appeared. Which is so wrong as I'm only an AU on this card.. How do I go about removing the address that I don't use which is now on reports ? Also how do I let credit card companies that I want a credit card from know and have them not factor in a card that shows lon my report that I'm only an AU ? As they'still are using this card to offer a higher interest rate. The 2 cc offers in mail 4 months apart offering lower then higher interest rate proves they do this. And they I believe are not suppose to factor in a credit card that a person is only a authorize user on. ALso a card that I was an authorize user and that card got paid off with perfect history and is the card that shows credit age is not even on experian report. So without that one experian sees my cchistory as almost new. What do I about that? If I remove this recent one then my credit history looks new.. Thanks for any help

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As an authorized signer on a credit card, you are not held liable for the charges or balance on the account. That means you will never be asked to pony up any money to cover the payments. That responsibility will always remain with the primary cardholder and any co-obligors on the account.  Credit bureaus treat these cards as if they were your own.

If the owners are responsible then it benefits you, if they're not then it's detrimental to your credit. I added my daughter to two of my cards. I have the cards and they are not in her possession. I let her make small purchases in my presence. Her score went up 130 points in one month.

Contact the lender of the card shown on your credit report and request you be removed as an authorized user.  Phone numbers and addresses are listed on, or towards, the last pages of your report on this website.

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