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Post College, good job terrible credit. Help me start my life!
Hey, thanks for reading and any advice is greatly appreciated.

Ill start off with my basic details, where I stand and where I would like to be.

Any information regarding my credit is from Credit Karma or Transunion.

My current score: 523
1 public record (judgement from Discover)
4 accounts in collections.
5 accounts delinquent.
Credit card debt: $0.00
Auto Loan Debt: $21,500
Student Loan Debt: $26,500
Other "loans" Debt: $1,600
Judgement listing : $2,450

Previous income ~$15,000 annually.
Current income ~$85,000

Ok, to break down these accounts. First the most recent accounts are the 5 delinquent accounts. These are federal student loans, which even though they were in deferment were reported as delinquent from 9/11 till 3/12, which is when I found out about the issue and confirmed with the Dept. of Ed, that they were intact in deferment and my repayment period begins in 12/12.

I have 0 credit cards now, but at one point had 6 or 7.

The accounts in collections are all from 2006 or before, one medical and three credit. But in 2010 I did make a substantial payment to one of them, but was unable to continue with the payment arrangement.

The judgement is on behalf of Discover Bank, and has garnished my state taxes for the last 4 years. This year in May, I made an initial payment of $1000 and setup monthly payments for the remainder. I currently owe $663.00 on the judgement. My biggest issue with this one is that the collection agency has not made any report of payment to the state/courts or the credit bureaus. And I'm not sure if they legally have to. And this will be paid in full in December of this year.

Major events in my life this year include getting married and having a daughter, along with the purchase of a new 2012 Equinox.

The vehicle was purchased in March, financed through Capital One with a $5000 down payment but I still took a horrendous hit and accepted a 9.5% interest rate.

So that's where I currently stand. I have hopes of purchasing a home within the next two years, but I know I desperately need to improve my credit to save myself bundles of money on a mortgage.

I've read plenty of the other questions and answers and blogs, but I am just really having a tough time figuring out my specific situation. Should I just hold tight and let the statues of limitation kick in on my old collection accounts from college? Do I need to dispute my student loans? What kinds of credit should I attempt to apply for if any at this time?

Looking forward to any advice and ideas of what my next moves should be.

Thanks fellow Credit Karma peers.

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