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payments marked late three consecutive months in 2009
I became ill, but wanted to pay off everything I owe, as I did owe it. Now, with the help of a company I worked with towards this goal, I have paid everything except my home, of which I owe less than $2,000 dollars. Everyone, worked well with us~~~or so I thought. Until recently when I checked my credit reports and found that BOA had reported me with 3 or 4 consecutive late payments in 2009, after they had signed the agreements to pay off the debt. No one other company did this to me. Even though everyone is paid off and I almost have my home paid for, it still shows up and has effected my credit scores. There was one other payment on another card indicated as late, probably some where around 2008,(before my beginning to work to pay everything off) I don't have a clue why it was late, but it seems that it was around the holidays and it arrived late...... I made every effort to NEVER pay anything late, so I don't know now if, while I was so ill, it slipped my mind or I mailed it and it just didn't get there. But, still not one, NO OTHER COMPANY, marked anything late as BOA. This was during the first months of starting the payments to pay off all the debts. Now, everyone got paid at the same time through our agreements with each. I tried disputing this through each credit bureau. BOA denied that they were not late. Is there anything else I can do? There should be a way that when you dispute something, you can document your"side" for lack of better words, on the credit reports. I have applied and received a Chase card within the last 60 days as I realize you almost have to have a credit card these days. But will pay off by the billing date each month. Is there not anything I can do with BOA. I t has so affected my credit rating. Oh, and my home mortgage was sold, or whatever the companies do, quite a number of years ago to BOA.... of all companies, I just couldn't believe it. But, it won't be long, it will be completely paid and I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH BOA AGAIN!!!
I get back to my question, is there anything I can do to either be able to explain where companies checking my report can see my "side" of this BOA thing, or even try to get BOA to get it off?
Thanks, Karen

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for the 3 or 4 months that BoA is saying you are late ( you can confirm this on your Credit Reports )   do you have the Canceled Checks or Bank Statements that should show when the payments cleared the back and might show when they processed the check on their side.   This would be a starting point.  If you can prove your payments were made on time then fight it.

Your Home Mortage will be on your report for 10 years after you make your final payment.  There will be no way to get it off.

If these happened in 2009,  they might call off your report in 2017 or could stay on till 2020,   someone else might know for sure. just can't remember.

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   I am pretty sure that the company I worked through has the paper work from when BOA signed the agreement. I paid xxx dollars each month, directly deducted from my checking account to this company and they paid, as agreeed to by each company I owed, As each was paid off, more than agreed to was sent to the remaining company.    They, meaning BOA, are the only one that marked any payments as late, and that was only for those months and never again through the entire payoff.  I just wish there were away we could say just what I have said to you, somewhere on my credit reports. BOA was well aware what I and the company that assisted me, was doing. It just really gets me that they can mess me up like this.  As for my home mortgage, its ok if it stays forever. Anyone can see that I paid it off way before it was scheduled to be payed off. It wasn't even part of the agreement through the company that assisted me.  I, as many have done and do, struggled to pay it off, at the same time I was sending the money to pay off the others included. It wasn't easy, but I did it.  So I am proud to have it on there.

    Thanks again, so much for taking the time to respond. I hope you and your family have a special and safe holiday season. And I am up for any suggestions, ideas or anything else you, or others, may think of......

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