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Wow. What the heck happened to The Vantage scoring is HORRIBLE and wrong. It show my score 100 points lower than it really is. WTH? I used to love Now with the new confusing webpage layout and terrible scoring system has become totally useless to me. I might as well just cancel our memberships.

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Most everything I used this site for has now become marketing. I used to be able to see a complete review of everything going on and now I can't see that and what I can see if just advertising and mess. Looks like the end to a good thing.

I understand the need to make a buck. Here is my advice to CK. Look at Yahoo. Or as some would how Yahoo dies. There is a slim line between being usable and useless. When I have to spend most of my time on a site looking for the information I is useless. When I can click on a link and find it...usable. The 3 or 4 extra clicks makes it useless. finances and my credit report are 2 separate they were before you destroyed this. Simple and concise as of today vs. the muddled, confusing, outdated last 30 years of my life. Bring back simple and concise.

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karma vs fico

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thanks for the updated scoring system now my scores have been and successfully been in the past two years almost neck to neck with myfico so I am pleased that you changed this. And for those of you that think its wrong.. PAY for my fico AND YOU WILL GET A WAKEUP CALL! (most mtg companies and such use 

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CK is best in industry for what it does

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The title is no lie; however, what individuals may have been using this service for is all over the map.

The old score provided here, Transunion New Accounts Score, was complete garbage: no lender to anyone's knowledge underwrites anything on this, it was effectively an educational score only.  The newer ones provided, VantageScore 3.0 are at least used by some fraction of the industry although FICO is admittedly the 800 pound gorilla in the credit scoring world.  

CK also has some terribly bad advice, and some utterly wrong information (like the intimation that closed accounts do not factor into your report / score calcuations).

Honestly though, where CK is an absolute gem is in unfettered and free access to one's Transunion and Equifax credit report data on a weekly basis; end of the day, the only score which is important is the one the lender pulls, and as such the best we can do is optimize our reports on the premise that a pretty report will result in a pretty score... that is not available for free anywhere else in the market.  Use CK for what it's brilliant at and ignore everything else and this service is pure gold.

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You couldn't be more wrong

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Have you had someone pull your credit report lately?CK is dead on.I've had 6 places pull my credit and they all equal whatever CK says.Before they used a different module.Now the VantageScore is much like a Fico and is actually up to date info,more up to date then the last module used.

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New Format of Site

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I really hate the new format of the site.  It much more difficult to find things.  The older format and links were much more intuitive.  I still have not been able to find my insurance score.  I liked the graphs of credit score history.  I find the new site frustrating and not half as informative as the old format.  Very disappointed.

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I like the new site and my score hasn't changed at all. I wonder what's going on.

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Short Credit History?

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NOT!! We've been married 36 and have had credit for 30! The three credit bureaus have ALL our history yet CK says we only have 1-4 years in credit which is "very poor" and keeps our score down. What a crock! 

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ck is garbage

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i checked my scores on C.K.  and not one was accurate. off by 100 or more points .i recieved my real scores from the 3 main sources directly. C.K. IS A JOKE AND ANYONE who thinks there accurate or good is very misguided. the number of credit cards wrong the number of open accounts wrong. cards i never even had also accounts i never had. i really think c.k. is a joke and would never ever consider them as accurate on anything ..

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Less useful , more garbage

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I liked the old layout and the old site.  I cant say much about the score because i dont know much about it but i could easily find information before.

Now its burried. They are like 30 tabs i dont even look at because they have no information i need. 

Il check it out for a few more months then close my account. 

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Vantage 3.0

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The Vantage 3.0 score now used by CK is a huge improvement.  Why?  Because this model is very closely aligned to the actual FICO score used by lenders.  Moreover, the previous TransUnion model was nothing more than an educational model.  Among other weaknesses, it profoundly lacked the multi-dimensional scorecard technology that lender-based algorithms use today.  Finally, Vantage 3.0 mimics the 300 to 850 scale invented by FICO which is obviously more familiar to the majority of consumers. 

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

View your scores and reports anytime.


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