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Need some help please
My credit report was 715 when I married. I foolishly turned over my finances to my ex wife. When we split I noticed she had spent a lot more on credit than I was aware and missed a lot of payments. When she left, October of 2013, my credit score had dropped to 625. I have worked to bring it back up. I had it up to 650 by some reporting agencies and 667 by another. However, I just applied for a car loan last week. The inquiries now have my credit score, per Credit Karma, back all the way down to 592. I really do not have a lot of debt out there now. I have two items in collection that I can pay off easily and one credit card with a 2000+ balance that I expect to pay off within three to four months. I am not sure what else I can do to get my report back up. but 591 to 700 seems pretty daunting. Any advice?

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Losing around 60pts for inquiries seems pretty excessive, apparantely they must have run several inquiries with different lenders. I do believe that they will consolidate all of the inquiries into one though after the dust settles. They do that for inquiries on auto loans. I have no idea when they will consolidate them or if all 3 bureaus do consolidate them, but I would guess it wouldn't be that long for them to do. Maybe someone else on here has a time frame. After they are consolidated your score should bounce back up maybe just a few points shy of what it was. As far as the collections on your report, try to get whover is posting them to do a "Pay For Delete" also known as "PFD" on the forums. Do some research on "Pay For Delete" it may really be helpful to you. Also determine how old the collections are and when they will fall off your report. Sounds like they are fairly recent though, it takes 7 years from whenever you defaulted on the original payment with the original creditor or company. If you get your utilization rate down on the credit card that will be a boost in score right there, try to get your utilization rate below 25% of your available credit on the card. Maybe after all of that try to get an additional credit card that reports monthly to all three credit bureaus.  Be careful on the inquiries though until you get those other ones consolidated into 1. Make sure you have a good chance of getting approved with a card before applying, capital one has treated me very well. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor and I really do not see much problem of getting up to a 700, it will just require a little work and a little time.

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