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Need some advice in preparing to buy home.....
Hi! I just found these boards and have found alot of useful information, in fact it is spilling out of my head! But I am stuck on three issues on credit reports. My hubby and I are wanting to buy a house this year. He works, I stay home. We started exploring this in July last year and he had scores around 540-573. I worked on several collection accounts and seven were deleted. We also opened him a cc with a 300.00 limit, six months good pay history. Not really a change in scores though. Opened another 300 cc this month hoping for a boost. I also opened a 300 cl cc and we both added each other as authorized users. This card has not reported yet, too new. Here is my problem. or problems....First, he has a bill of 712.00 with Alltel, basically they overcharged him and to make a long story short we told them to stuff it. This was Dec 2011.I have prepared a goodwill letter asking Alltel for a PFD after explaining their (self admitted) errors on the bill which caused us to walk away from their service and not pay the bill. In credit repair terms for scores that qualify for mortgage, do we send the letter and wait to see if they will delete( it could go to CA at any time) or just pay the bill? Won't that negatively affect his scores? Will a lender require it be paid?
Next, he has a five year old bill from snap on credit when he went through a divorce and lost his body shop. It is showing a bal of 5200.00. It is five years old though, should we make pmt arrangements with them or will that negatively affect scores, again what would a lender say? DOLA says N/A.
Third, several years ago he was put on his mothers checking acct as an authorized signature with First Tennessee Bank. She was then offered a cc with 5000.00 cl. His credit report is showing him as joint on the cc???? He has called and discussed this with them and sent letters with the same responses, " we don't have to provide proof it is your debt." He never signed anything concerning the cc, just checking account. They refuse to take it off his report. And of course disputed with the bureaus return "updated" or "accurate" results. He never had a cc with them. Only the ability to access her checking account. DOLA says 11/2006. Also I should note that when we found this on his report it originally said authorized user. Now it has been updated to joint, several months ago. Is there any way to get this fixed. Oh, and there are two entries for this account, one says pd as agreed with the same high balance listed under negative accts, and the other charge off,
As far as new accts. No late pays whatsoever since opening the cc's. We also did a secured loan at bank with perfect pay. So all new accts in terms of getting a mortgage are paid perfectly, but the scores are not going up. I assume because of these three problems. It is sooooo aggrivating. Can someone help me???

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