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Need an Honest opinion Please
So my main frustration seems to be that I just dont understand the whole credit concept and how it works/ how it affects me.

My credit score is (517) according to credit karma. i pulled my annual credit report and now i cant do it again until Jan. so credit karma is my best source as of right now.

The trend graph shows a steady decline between July '13 and present. Which is the time frame i have made my best effort to dig myself out of this hole.

Hard credit inquiries: It states i have 23 total. 7 were added within 3 days. I imagine that is from when i got my jeep, but is that appropriate for them to all be on my credit as well as listed as "hard inquires"?

I have 3 accounts in collections but i have so far educated myself on that.

It shows 3 account's that are delinquent on payment's here is where big question #1 arises. My mom was released from prison for a short time when i was 15/16. She wanted to open me a checking account, but the bank (arvest) stated for that to take place, both of our names would have to be on the account. A short time later, she was back on drugs and she took out all of my money plus 300 overdrawn. With that said, I understand equal responsibility/accountability but in the same breath, since i was only 15/16 would that be law binding to foot me the bill?

I have 2 loans on my credit. 1 automotive (good standing) and student loans which they tell me are in good standing but a lady at the credit union told me it showed delinquent since i haven't made any payment's (Upon signing loan agreement, it stated no monies are due until my degree is completed or I discontinue my education (Neither of which have occurred)

So i am just totally lost and confused on what steps I need to take to start correcting this whirlwind. With Morgan and our new Baby Kasen being in my life, this is much more crucial and important to me. (I know it should always be, but failing on someone else's terms is absolute unacceptable to me.

Have a safe, blessed week and Happy Holidays

Eddie R.

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Here is my recommendation, if you pulled your credit report from for your free credit report.  You get 1 free from each of the CRA's.  don't pull all 3 at the same time, so you can fix one report as much as possible and move on to the next (spacing them out, so you have recourse)  I would pull TU 1st then EQ and lastly EX.

I would first check and see if any items are due to fall off this year, if so leave them alon as they will fall off your credit report.  If not, dispute anything that you believe to be incorrect.  You can also write agencies that put hard credit inquiried ro request a letter of deletion.  If they send you a letter, you then send it along with your request for removal to the credit agency to ask it to be removed.

You also need to improve your score by adding positive accounts, since you should not add anymore hard inquiries for a while, your recourse is to open a savings account at a credit union and use your deposit as security for a secured credit card.  then charge 1 tank of gas for the month and pay it off before your account closing date (not due date).  As this will increase your score.

Whatever you do do not pay late or max out a card both very bad for you.

Good Luck

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As fars as the 7 inquires in the past 3 days from car lenders yes that is possible because each car lender is allowed to run your credit....don't worry they will drop off within 2 years as far as your score god where to start 23 inquires how the hell do you accumulate 23  inquires in 2 years since every 2 years inquires drop off.....LIMIT your applications for credit and as far as the collections they will drop off in 7 years nothing you do about t osum it up if you wait 7 years your score will be in the low 600's 

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