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My credit was ruined due to a divorce, how can i fix it?
my husband an i had bought a house together, as well as his truck. he also had my name on at least 1 credit card. i'm not sure how many other loans he had my name on as well. we got divorced and he was suposed to have gone through and had my name removed from all the loans and things like that, but never did. now the house as well as his truck has been reposessed, dragging my credit score way down. i have no idea how to fix this.
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Ooo..this is a tough one. Sorry you're going through such a hard time!

You can get your name off the auto loan and mortgage if he refinances it, meaning you both have to agree and go through the process of getting your name off of the loan in favor of another loan that only bears your ex-husband's name.

For the credit card, I would contact the credit card issuer myself and ask them the procedure for removing your name from the card. It will also likely take your husband's cooperation, but you should take it into your own hands to start dealing with it.

Pull your credit report (free at and go through every line item to figure out which loans and credit cards you and your ex-husband share. Taking your name off of it will likely take both you and your ex-husband's effort, so bring it up with him and discuss how you can both handle it. The mortgage and auto loan will be more difficult, but do your best because if you don't get out of it, you'll be liable for the duration of the loan--- probably years and years. Which means your credit score will remain vulnerable to whatever happens to those loans.

Good luck!

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