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My credit length
I noticed that my credit history is 7 years and 11 months.....I have an old credit report from 2003 that has 50 items on it.
I have paid on credit card for 38 years and have had 20 car loans and two mortgages. Even if you only go back 7 years, I bought 3 cars.....two through Ford Credit (9/2006 and 6-2008) and one through Balboa bank (6-2007).

I also noticed that each of the bad credits are duplicated. Example: There are two $5400.00 and 2 1700.00 item and there was just one Capital One Credit card for each and it seems that they were resold to other financial institutions. The length of these cards go back 10 years earlier that I paid on time.

I know you are only gathering this information and I thank you for it. I just was hoping that maybe there is something that is maybe not picking things up right.

Thank you for your time and this wonderful site,
Steven Delmar

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Well the credit length is based on the average of all active accounts as well as accounts closed within the last 7 years. So although you may have had some very old account, once you close them, they will only remain on your credit for another 7 years and then they fall off and no longer be reported. Once they fall off the age of that credit is no longer taken into consideration for your average. Although you have been using your credit for substantially longer, as accounts close and fall off your average constantly changes. So for example each car loan you had, let's say you had a 4 year financing and you took all 4 years to pay it off, then add 7 years to when it was paid off, the car loan will only be on your credit a total of 11 years. Credit cards are the main way to maintain an old account because they don't close unless you or the bank closes them, as was the case with your WaMu cards. I hope that clarifies it.

Regarding your debt that is on there as a negative account for 10 years, I would dispute that with the credit bureaus, they are supposed to fall off after 7 years, the thing that stays on for 10 years is a bankruptcy. If you go to you can run all 3 reports for free once per year and you will be able to see the exact date that these accounts were reported on your credit, if it is over 7 years ago, dispute it. If you paid it as you mention, then also dispute it if you do not believe you owe them anything.

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Reporting Agencies

I understand that you are just reporting their information, and the double hit of the credit cards is something for me to work on.  Do you have any idea why credit life started 7 years and 11 months ago?   I got my first credit card 40 years ago (Bank Americard).  It almost seems like time is designed to make sure I have the worse possible credit score.  I am really considering not getting credit, I still remember Washing Mutual cancelling my credit cards after I paid them off and never even sent me a note.  When I called the reason given was I was at 50% of my credit use.  I mentioned what about the 38 years of on time payments.....He said it does not matter.   I still laugh that I worried and paid all my life fpr gppd credit......and it does not matter...I might still have hair left and less wrinkles.   

Anyway, thank you for your time,

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Thank you for such a wonderful response.

Your information helped me understand about disputing some of them, and researching a few others for I have no idea what it would be for.

I have to laugh at some of the credit cards for even though they are at never shows the length of time I had them or balances.....I think two of them I got like in 2006. 

The car loans are still a mystery......I will give a little detail, but it is not that big a deal.  I purchase a new mustang in 1997 paid on it for 4 years 2001 off credit possibly 2008.   I bought a 2000 mustange financed it for 4 years paid it off in 3 years 2003 off credit 2010.  2004 mustang financed 5 years paid off in 4 years in 2009 should be off in 2016?   2007 mustange financed it for 5 paid it off in 3 years in 2010 off my credit in 2017, then bought a 2008 Ford truck for my sister financed it 6 years paid off in 5 I think it was February of this year.   

Please don't put too much time on this, I still think that having 9 bad payment and 8 collections and one tiny little credit card that was not cancelled when all this was happening, still can give a score of 579....LOL

Thanks again for your help,


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