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Hi everyone. I am new to the forums and I hope to gain much needed advise from fellow members. I have been browsing for a little over a month and do get the gist of credit repair.

- Got my first CC in 2008 when I was 19 (unsecured chase slate $500). I remember seeing a score back then of 668 but don't remember which bureau. Never missed a payment but had a high balance of $550 a few years back.
- Received department store credit card in 2009 $100 no balance since 2011.
- Opened another card in 2011 (capitol one platinum $300). Little to my knowledge there was a $3 monthly fee which a failed to pay for about 4 month. I had statements going to an old residence. since I wasn't charging on the card, I failed to check for any statements. Paid the balance in full. Tried to use the card a few days later and it was "restricted". Told the guy to close the account if I cannot use it. Three months later get a phone call saying I owe on the card again (great..). This time I make sure it's canceled (December 2012 closed).
- Got an auto loan in 2011 ($447 a month 39 months). Haven't missed a payment but deferred for 3 months.
- Father signed up for a citi card (2k limit December 2012) and put me as a secondary card holder. He racked up $1980 in debit with it. I am currently paying it down.

One month ago:
Transunion score 3/28- 556
Fico score 3/29- 555
Held $450/500 balance on chase.
Held $1980/2000 balance on citi.
Showing three collections (medical) $1350
-two over 2 years old.
-one is 1 month old.

Since then:
-Paid down Chase card from $450 to $30.
-Paid down Citi from $1980 to $1500.
-Got new Merrick bank credit card $600 (holds $20 balance).
-Got new Capital one platinum $750 (no monthly fee) and it has $30 balance.
- Sent in pfd for 50% of value. Removed one of the collections.
-Available credit went from $2600 to $3950
- Credit card balances went from $2450 to $1600
-Utilization down 54% from 94 to 40%.

Transunion score: up 68 points from 556 to 624
Experian: 617
Exifax: 617
Fico score: up 67 from 555 to 622

Currently I have the ability to pay off all of my credit card debit. My main question is should I pay it in full or pay like $100 a month for the next year or so (no interest for the next 12 months)? My main goal is to raise my score as much as possible. Which way has the best chance of doing that? Also, should I scatter the debt over multiple credit cards? ex. Pay down the citi a little more and add some to the other cards. Does this make a difference?

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I would recommend paying off all of your cards right now. Since you are at a 40% utilization rate that is holding your score down a little as 21-40% is a B ranking and you want to be at 1-20%. The best course of action now and each and every month is to pay your balance off in full, but charge gas, groceries, or other minor expenses (about $40-50 that you will spend out of your checking account anyway). You want to then wait for your next statement to cycle, pay the Statement Balance in full. In between your statement posting and your due date you will want to similalry charge again so that it will show up for the following month, but remember pay the Statement Balance not the Balance, because you want that other charge to be on your next statement. You will incurr no interest charges this way even after you 12 month offer because you are paying the statement balance in full. What it will do is cause a jump in the amount of on-time payment history, and it will show actively used cards paid in full with a consistent 1-20% balance, which will eventually cause your card companies to increase your credit line causing another jump in your credit score. You want to do this with each and every one of your cards every month, at first it will be hard to keep track of with 4 cards, but you will get in the groove (I do it with 3 cards). My situation is very different from yours, but I was able to get my score from a 638 to over 750 in 6 months, this method is one of them that I used. With the 2 negative collection accounts it will hinder that fast of progress, but over time with on-time payment history, credit line increases, and your hard inquiries falling off you will make a lot of progress as you already have.

I would recommend you stop seeking credit cards as you have plenty now and you just need to build up your credit line with them and also let those hard inquiries fall off of your credit. The hard inquiries stay on your credit for 2 years, but they only affect your credit score for 1 year. It was great you got one of the collection accounts taken off, but unforunately sinc they wouldn't remove the other two you will be stuck with them for 7 years (from the time it was reported); however, having them paid off will be reflected on your credit and that is good. You're doing a great job, just keep at it.

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