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Just Lost...Need help with loan to replace our trailer home
So here is our suation:
For the last month,I and my mom have been trying to get a loan($21,500) to replace our 1961 trailer home in horrible condition(mold everywhere,roof leaks, cant take a shower due to bad plumbing ect) so we been looking at rv sales sites to buy a new or used travel trailer or 5th Wheel to replace this bad trailer we are living in.

The sad news is everything is denying us even with my mom as a cosigner. I have a score of 720 by FICO with about $4k left to pay(2 years left before its payed off) on my car and never missed a payment with a credit card that I used in emergency and pay it usually in 3-5 days. My moms score I dont know but she has a debt that was payed off but the credit card didnt want to shut down the account and instead they pulled fees to keep a ballence on it. My mom got ****ed and left it alone and didnt deal with it. That was 7 years ago I think.

We both have solid incomes with mine being permant part time earning $780 per month with my car bill($240) phone(45) and insurance(40) with mom earning 880(ssi) and she pays for rent(300 + utilitys=400) and storage(70)

I had my mom as my cosigner to help push our income high enough so they accept and show we can easly pay the loan up to $450 a month if needed(we both share $250 of the payment per month).

Even our place we have lived at for 13 years.
Now we are to the point of trying personal loans to see what happens but we havent gotten a response yet(applyed friday at noon for LightStream).

Our credit Union: Denyed for having too thin of credit history in relation to RVs
RV sales: Would have been auto aproved if our combined income was eather $1.8K-$2K per month or I have 5 lines of credit which i have 2 and dont want to apply for anymore credit cards

Im just lost at what to do...Mom is to the point of going to a homeless shelter because of "This place is killing me. Its hurting me" and im almost in tears and just be like "screw this idea of borrowing. No more credit once I payed things off. They cant trust me or mom so I cant trust them"

What do I do??? Its not being in debt is a problem but finding someone who can lend knowing we will pay them back in full like in a promise.

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Well your mom maybe hurting you more than helping.  Yes you need to show more income as yours is not near high enough that an RV place will loan to you. But if she has some major derogitory remarks from a credit company her score maybe hurting you.  It sounds like you are going to have save and look on the used market. In the mean time you should also try to build a little more credit history and income.  At this point the more you apply and get denied the more hard inquiries you have that bring your scores down even lower.  I wish there was something positive I could tell you, but at this point it does not sound like pursuing a loan will do anything more than hurt you more as you have exhausted your possiblities for a bit.

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