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Is there any way to search the discussion forums?
As stated

Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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I don't know the answer, but this sure is a good suggestion, so I just wanted to second it and add a star to the question!

If anyone from CK is reading this, a "Forum FAQ" would probably be helpful also, so we don't end up with so many of the "how do i get my score up fast" or "y is my score low" questions w/ no details. ;)

Great idea, Madlock!

Thanks for the suggestion. We will add this to the feature roadmap.

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Yes, it was implememted for the Q&A main, however it seems to be broken.  The most simple happy path test (search for a unique word in a visible topic) yields no results. 

To CK:

Is there an ETA on fixing the search functionality in the Q&A section?  Thanks and keep up the good work

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This was just Recently added. There's a quick search box on the Q&A main page as well as a menu item "Search" up in the second nav bar.

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There is a Browse Categories tab under the Credit Advice tab if that helps at all.

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Search Using Google

Use this as your search term in google if you want to search for pages/discussions on public records: public records

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I don't understand

Long story short, my credit score dropped over 100 points in a month as I lowered my total debt.

Right now Credit Karma states that I have a [A] in card utilization (up from [B]) last month.
I have an [A] in payment history.

I have an [A] in history.

I have a [C] in total accounts because I don't have enough different cards

I have a [D] in credit inquiries because last month I contacted 3 different mortgage brokers for our first home.  And about 6 months ago we opened 3 revolving accounts to buy some new furniture after a move.   We've paid all three off.

We also had some credit disputes that have dropped off, but from what I can tell that means that the negative items are removed rather than existing.

At this point, it feels like I just got f'd by the credit system.  I am worried that my lender will decide to bump up our rate as a result.  

Can anyone help me understand what's going on?

Thanks in advance.

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Need advice please

I monitor my credit, and it's taken awhile to get it 735. Last year I switched from one wireless account to another. (I did pay off my other contact). Now this year, I have received only 2 letters, 1 dated february 2014 and 1 dated April from the same company I have now for my wireless only now the collection letter is from their landline department who said they sold the past due account $168.93 to AFNI. I do remember a landline back from 2005 2006 but thought this was paid, but unfortunately I can't find that proof. 

I don't understand why after all these years I now get these two letters..(which I do find really ironic after August of last year I opened up an account for new phones under their wireless division). 

I do not want to call AFNI directly as I do not want to make contact with them. They did offer me a settlement however I know this will negatively impact my credit and my score. Do I just let this go on and on or has it reached its statute of limitations for the seven years. Sometimes when that happens they resell as I have seen in the past and then your account opens again it opens up a whole brand new can of worms. At this point I do not think they have sold it to anybody else but it is 7 years now, how do I dispute this, how do I keep my credit good I do not want to just make a settlement or call them to pay it off because it is old. I am currently not working, I just lost my brother I cannot deal with all this stress. I'm still taking care of loose ends and legal paperwork from his death. Why why after all theses years do they know contact me...and at that only twice via mail? Very distraught.

Thank you all for any advice! 

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If it's just a collection letter and it's not on your credit report then ignore it.  I think it's called a Zombie debt, and it's just a lame attempt to scare you and get you to pay it. 

If it's been a full seven years AND it's showing on your credit report (do check) then contact the Credit Bureaus and tell them that it's an out dated collection, not your responsibility or whatever it takes.  They will force the collection agency to prove that you owe the bill, and the last date of activity.  Now. sometimes the collection agencies lie--I'm contesting one right now that is claiming the last date of activity was this year when it's been more like 12 years.  The next step if the Credit Bureau says that you do owe it is to contact them directly in writing and contest the dates.  Do a google search and find the legal citations that forbid these collection agencies from changing the last date of activity in order to keep them active.  I would continue to challenge them with the credit bureaus as well.  There are more things that you can do, if none of those work (more than I can get into here), but do keep trying.

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Not JUST forums!

Is there ANY search function on CreditKarma?  The ONLY way I can look up specific reviews is to do a google search, which seems completely superfulous.  Why not be able to search for any information by card or by bank?  Or any other keyword? That's they way most of these sites work.

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

View your scores and reports anytime.


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