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IQ Data International Pay for Delete
Just wanted to let yo uall know... I've had 1 collection account on my credit for over a year now. It was from IQ data international from an apartment I used to have. I got tired of dealing with the apartment company a while ago, and am now wanting to buy a house. I'm close to qualifying for a VA Loan and could wait it out, but I called them today and told them although I don't feel like I owe the debt I will pay in full if they will delete the account from a 3 credit reporting agencies. They agreed immediately. Gave me the Cust Service Reps info and ext as well as her bosses and guaranteed that they would send the email letter to me immediately after payment stating that the account would be deleted. I was skeptical about not having it ahead of time, but they were extremely nice and seemed excited about having someone actually pay :) anyway, I asked if it would be reported immediately to the credit agencies to delete and she said it would be sent with their Monthly credit updates (which is at the beginning of the month so being the 30th it would go out by the end of the week). I paid it, logged into my email and I had the pay for delete verification email sitting in my inbox. I will update if it doesn't come off, but I'm hopeful that this year long journey to cleaning up credit will finally be happening. My credit has gone up about 100 points in a year, 100% because of advice on this site and the MyFICO site.

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pay for delete?

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I have a question, i have a debt from an old apartment and would like to get the debt off my credit, if i call and tell this company that if i pay in full; i want a (pay for delete) they will honor me with one? How soon does this usually go through. I'm very skeptical about giving my bank info to some shady credit agency that doesn't provide me with any paperwork other than my credit report.

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Hi, just checking to see if you've seen an update after you paid in full to IQ?

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great news!

I have an old debt with this same company and just ended a call with them where they told me the same thing.  I am a bit skeptical about paying the amount without proof of deletion until after the fact, but your post gives me positive vibes. 

I've successfully gotten every other collection removed, this was the final one.  I was unable to get it removed through other channels and like you I want to buy a house and this looks bad to have on my report even though it only has about 1.5 left til it falls off.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

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Shows that you read the articles here to get the credit information needed to resolve this issue, took action and got results!  Feels good, doesn't it?  The knowledge you've acquired here will help you for the rest of your life.

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