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Improving credit score by 204 in nine months!
During April 2014 my score was running in the 640 range...fair, but not good. At that time I was working on making certain all bills were paid promptly and making more than one payment monthly. My oldest (Capital One Visa) credit card had 11+ years of perfect payment history. That is THE first and most important part of good scoring. It amounts to 35% of your score. I had a Chase Visa with a 3K limit that I had opened early in 2014. Between paying all my bills promptly, and paying more than the required monthly billing, I was able to drop my debt to limit ratio to less than 10%. That is very important because it comprises 30% of your total credit score. That will give one the highest rating on the scoring scale...usually an "A" if it's being scored that way!

At this point matters were looking good for working toward the 700 range on scoring. Then, we threw a kink into the mix...we bought a new car at the end of June 2014. We got a great 2.15% rate for 5 years. In September 2014 I checked my score, and I was in for a surprise. My score had dropped to 565! I felt like a fool, wondering what had happened. Anyway, I figured being patient and continuing to do what had I had been doing was the way to go.

During this period I worked on getting two very small marks off my credit, due to my stubbornness in paying these medical billings. I had disputed both, and finally paid one just to see how much difference it made. Well, it makes a lot of difference! I have since paid the last one. From September 2014 to May 2015, my scores started working their way up almost monthly, until this past May my credit reached into the EXCELLENT range. I was very surprised to see a 769! That was a stretch from 565 after the car purchase to 769 in less than 9 MONTHS! Folks, that's 204 POINTS! One could get a little ****y like those TV commercials, after that success in handling things.

I probably should have left matters the way they were, but I decided to improve my credit card situation by applying for lower or zero interest cards (until the end of July 2016). Firstly, I requested CapitalOne upgrade my card to a "QuickSilver" Visa. They approved it and raised my credit limits also. They were kind enough to also drop my interest rate a few points. I was canvassed for an American Express "Blue Cash Everyday" card. It has some great perks with ZERO interest through July 2016. I also received a "pre-approval" from the "Discover It" Visa card. I (reluctantly) accepted that offer. It has some of the best perks available now, including ZERO interest through July 2016, and rolling quarterly 5% rebates!

Well, all these sudden changes and multiple applications with new cards can cause a few "hits" to credit scoring. I would not recommend everyone do this as quickly as I did, but I did improve my interest rates overall. All these three cards require Excellent credit to obtain. It again dropped my scoring in the 50+ point range, but I working it back up toward my new goal...800!

I've decided to be satisfied and happy with this situation now. I am happy! I have raised my scoring to the point where I went from higher interest cards with a total 4.5K limits to now having 23.3K available. I am working on paying every card and other bills promptly, keeping the limits at or below 10%, not obtaining anymore new credit for awhile, and watching all expenses. The one advantage I have really enjoyed is the perks I have already received from these cards. I have seen my accounts credited over $200.00 in rebates in just three months.

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Thanks for posting this.  Very refreshing.

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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