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I pay my balance online and was wondering if i should pay at the end of the month or immediately?
It is march now and i have paid about $100 towards my balance keeping the % below 20% but my payment isnt due till the 30th of april. should i wait till later in april to pay my balance or should i pay it as soon as possible. I have the money and the means to pay it off now im just curious if i should let my balance stay in the card for more than a week or pay it off as soon as i can see it online.

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CC's report once a month

So it won't make any differance as long as it isn't paid late.  I use e-bills and I have an E-banking account. I have mine set up so that when the bill comes in it is automaticly schedule to pay the balance 5 days before the due date.  This system works great.  I also have a regular personal checking acct that my paycheck is direct deposited into, I have an automatic transfer set up to move money to the ebanking account every monday, So there is always enough to pay all my bills when they come in.  The balance that is left in my personal acct is my spending money for the week. 

hope this helps!

good luck

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Balances NOT paid going into the next billing cycle will accumulate interest.  You said your next payment isn't due til April 30.  Well today is March 14th.  So what about the March 30th payment?  If you carry a balance into April, you'll pay interest on that amount.

If you're payment due date is the 30th of each month, then it's important to make sure some sort of payment is received before that.  Paying online is smart.  Typically, your payment will be accounted for in 24 hours or less, much less time than it takes to mail a check.

So, does it make a difference if you pay your balance off today (the 17th) or on the 29th?  Well, unless you carried a balance over from February, the answer is "no".  You don't get bonus points by making your payment early, but you do get penalized if it's even a day late.

I have one, cash-back credit card that I use for everyday chores.  Basically, these are all the things I could pay cash for.  I don't want no big balance smacking me in the face when the bill comes.  So, I generally keep track of what I spend and pay it off every 2 or 3 days.  Even if I order pizza online, I'll use the card, but then go right to my bank account and pay that pizza off.  If by chance there is a balance on that card when the bill comes, it's typically quite small and I pay it right away.

The point I'm trying to make is that even though my paying habit is excessive, I don't get a commendation or certificate of merit from the credit card company for doing it.  My credit score doesn't get bonus points for making multiple payments.  What I do get is cash-back on an account I haven't paid a single cent of interest on.

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